Working long hours, stressed and with a lack of time and motivation meant Roya let herself go and she put on weight. This led to low energy levels, a cycle of self-criticism and unhealthy habits.

As a healthcare professional Roya knew she needed guidance to improve her well-being and to create a sustainable lifestyle change. 

With the guidance of M10 coach, Joe Duffy, Roya has done just that! 

m10 client roya rashidi transformation

A cycle of bad habits and fad diets...
“I tried different diets  which didn’t even last a week! I even joined a gym for a year  and maybe went 4-5 times during my year long membership. I  simply lacked motivation and needed guidance."

A coach that makes the process enjoyable
"Joe helped me achieve my fitness goals by delivering a fitness programme that was specifically tailored to my needs. My diet plan was also based on my food preferences. The meticulous and careful planning resulted in an easy introduction and easy to follow fitness programme. I never considered it “challenging”. I embraced and enjoyed the journey. My coach’s engaging, positive and optimistic personality along with a dynamic and interesting  programme kept me motivated and made my training sessions very enjoyable"

Different mindset around nutrition and training...
"With the help of Joe I now view exercise and healthy nourishment to my body as ways to feel strong and reiterate a positive mindset.I feel stronger and my energy levels are back up . I’d never felt so good about myself! I learnt not to fight with my body any more but rather work with it and it will respond. I also realised there is always time in the day to invest in your health, I just failed to see it!"

Over time the results came...
"My coach genuinely cares about my goals and results. He is always patient, encouraging and extremely knowledgeable. I have lost 16kgs and I'm down 8 inches from my waist. I have learnt I am stronger both mentally and physically and more capable than I thought I was"

m10 client roya transformation

Maintaining the results...
“I appreciate the utmost importance of making sustainable lifestyle changes I can easily adhere and come back to when my routine changes ( for example after a holiday etc) I have finally realised carbs are not the enemy and  have stopped categorising food into “good” and “bad”….It is indeed simply a matter of moderation and balance!
Having a busy lifestyle is a poor excuse not to invest in your wellbeing. You would make time for it if it truly matters to you."

A few words form coach Joe
“In the first year Roya lost 16kg, going from 71kg to 55kg and for the following year we managed to maintain these results as Roya now weights 56kg. And we did this by only training 3 times per week. Now although the weight loss in itself is incredible and completely life changing for Roya, what’s key here is Roya has been educated on the reasons why she needed to change and has demonstrated she can sustain this transformation long term. This journey has completely transformed her life, both physically and mentally."

m10 client roya transformation

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