Sandeep felt frustrated as she struggled to find a way to exercise and lose weight, without aggravating her chronic back and knee pain.

She was told by professionals that she’d be in pain for the rest of her life and she should just learn to deal with it.

Her work colleagues suggested that she contact M10 and after an initial consultation, she started her plan with M10 coach, Anthony Barnes. Sandeep soon realised that her previous training was not personalised to her individual needs and were never going to lead to real results.

Together Anthony and Sandeep worked hard to strengthen the muscles in her back, which relieved the chronic pain, as well as leading to her losing 10kg in the process!

Sandeep said: “I have worked with two other Personal Trainers, done HIIT training, Sean T and other online bootcamps and restrictive diets such as Forever Living, but the issues continued and the movements I did were actually further aggravating the pain. I don’t think they worked as there was a standard approach for each, whereas everyone has individual circumstances and requirements. I also think most of them were not sustainable alongside my current lifestyle, so the benefits were short lived.”

sandeep m10 transformation

Strength training does not make females look masculine and bulky…
I have found a completely new way to train which I really enjoy, that gets results and doesn’t rely on fad diets! I used to think strength training would make me look masculine and bulky but now I wouldn’t train any other way and really enjoy it. I also have a new mindset when it comes to food and working out. I now see it and approach health and fitness with a long term, sustainable mindset.

The answer to back pain...
“My back and pelvis pain do not seem to cause me any issues now. We have worked very hard on strengthening the muscles in the areas causing me the issues! Initially the most challenging part was changing my mindset when it came to lifting weights. I was nervous this would give me further back issues. Ant was sure to explain everything we were doing each step of the way and give me reassurance that it wouldn’t harm me and also frequently check in with me between training days. I realised my every movement was with my back at the forefront of my mind – this has changed now and I don’t often think about it (as I am pain free) and am conscious to just apply everything Ant has taught me - if I feel a movement could put some pressure on my back to avoid this!”

sandeep m10 transformation

Effective training and better eating habits led to more sustainable weight loss... 
“I have learnt a massive amount about working out – both cardio and strength training.  I’ve learnt which movements work best given my back issues, I’ve gained a better relationship and understanding when it comes to food; and a more long-term, sustainable approach to health and fitness (no more fad diets and short workout programmes!!). I’ve lost over 15% body fat throughout the process. 

It’s like a little community..
I enjoy learning new things but the interaction with Ant and others at M10 is great, it’s like a little community which was very welcoming from the start!

sandeep transformation m10  

A few words from M10 Coach Anthony...
“After being told by professionals she’d be in pain for the rest of her life and she should just learn to deal with it, Sandeep and I were adamant that we would find a way of removing the chronic pain she was experiencing. 

Putting her trust into the process and into myself was crucial and, as you can see from the results, that’s exactly what she did. Redefining someone's relationship with training and nutrition whilst relieving them of continuous pain is extremely rewarding. I’m so proud of Sandeep and her commitment to bettering herself and seeing her strength in the gym carry over to multiple disciplines in her own life. 

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