Sarah Barlow

I started working with Mark in January 2009 after giving birth to my daughter in August 2008. My goal was to be back to my original weight and clothes size by my wedding in July. I found Mark’s approach very personal and specific to my needs.


He developed an excellent personal exercise programme which I could work with and more importantly enjoy. The one thing Mark was able to do was turn my way of thinking about training and body weight around. I no longer worried about my weight but how I looked and how my body shape was changing. Mark also got me thinking about my training, it became a part of my lifestyle not something I loathed or couldn’t find time for.

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Mark’s thorough assessments found weaknesses in me, I never knew I had and we worked specifically on them. I quickly started feeling more energised, my aches and pains reduced and I found myself much stronger and leaner. His strict diet advice is challenging but extremely effective if put in practice alongside your training sessions.

My results were beyond my expectations and my training is now a habit not a chore and I have Mark to thank for that. He works extremely hard with each of his clients, is always positive and above all motivated. It is clear Mark enjoys his job, he is excellent at it and his constant research means he is at the forefront of what works and doesn’t give up until your goals are achieved.

I have no doubt in saying Mark can get you where you want to be but you also have to work hard!

Sarah Barlow

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