Suz signed up to the Next Level Body Challenge 2.0 to give her something to focus on during the stresses of lockdown. After the full 8 weeks, she was crowned the female winner of the challenge, but she decided to continue for a few more weeks to see how far she could take her physique, under the guidance of M10 coach, Anthony Barnes.
Suz said: “While my job is pushing all my clients, empowering  them, building up their confidence and generally getting them to be the best version of themselves I like to stay in the background myself.  I have never felt comfortable putting myself out there, and taking photos of myself is extremely rare. 
The Next Level Body Challenge 2.0 has given me a lot of confidence in myself and what I have actually achieved.  I threw myself into this challenge 100%.  I think you will see from the results that I gave it everything, which is also testament  to the way the challenge was set up and managed. 

suz m10 transformation

So a wee summary of my results:

  • Down 9Kg exactly, from 63.5kg to 54.5kg
  • 12 cm off waist and 13.5 cm off hips
  • I have increased body confidence and general confidence in my own abilities.  I feel much more comfortable having my picture taken (but that will continue to be a work in progress) and the best I have felt at a lower bodyweight
  • I’ve gained a much better understanding of how to manipulate food and training for composition purposes
  • I am actually very proud of myself 
suz m10 transformation

What I needed to do to get these results….

  • I hit all workouts as prescribed over the 8 week period and progressed significantly. 
  • On average, I hit 25.5K steps daily, over 56 days, even with dropping steps in peak week.
  • With the exception of one 95 cal cereal bar (after I injured my back) all food consumed was from the handbook whole food list (of course, apart from pre pump/peak/carb refeed day food and the required jam on rice cakes etc)

suz transformation m10  suz transformation m10

FIrstly, thank you very much to you and the team for organising a challenge.  It was timed perfectly to help get us through the latter part of Lockdown.  I had been booked into the May Practical at M10, so it seemed obvious to follow this challenge. The process was very simple to follow.  The handbook excellent and the weekly check ins and feedback were very professional and, especially given the price point, felt very individual. 

The Facebook group updates from the team were an excellent touch and were extremely helpful.
My coach was Anthony and he was nothing short of a legend, especially in the final week when I was well out of my comfort zone. I have never trained for a "look" before, that happens to just be a by-product.” 
M10 coach, Anthony said: “We wanted to take another 2 weeks on top of the initial challenge to bring a fuller and more athletic look. Since all the hard work was done, we cruised the next two weeks only dropping below 250g carbs a handful of times leading into the final shots. No water loads, sodium manipulations, zero carb days or any other last-minute tricks needed. This is usually used when people are simply not lean enough and, as you can see, that was not an issue for us. Really am so proud of Suz over the last 10 weeks and very excited for our future successes together”

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