Victoria’s journey with M10 started in 2019 when she decided to join our 6 month Personal Training Mentorship with M10 coach and mentor,  Anthony Barnes

As a busy mum and personal trainer, Victoria decided during the first lockdown it was also time to make her fitness a priority. She wanted to take her physical appearance to the next level and gain an insight into what it takes to help get her clients into the best shape possible.
 M10 client Victoria transformation
Time management and structure made the difference... 
I have always trained but since having my son I have found it difficult to find time for myself and manage my time.  I had no structure and Anthony has kindly given me structure and routine in my nutrition and workouts.
M10 client Victoria transformation
Changes were not only physical...
"I did lose 4kg and a defined look which I was delighted with. The structure and routine I have now in place has helped me manage my time and days better resulting in me continuing on my journey as a better trainer."
Working with Coach Anthony established a new mindset...
"The level of accountability and support from Anthony has been second to none. I have learned to keep things simple and structured, make it a non-negotiable and be consistent."

M10 client Victoria transformation
M10 client Victoria transformationM10 client Victoria transformation
A few words from Coach Anthony...
"With an extremely busy work and life schedule to balance we knew that Vic’s prep wasn’t going to have to be meticulously planned in order to get the best result possible in the time frame we had available. The approach we took was simplistic but, as always, extremely effective. 
We had a couple of road bumps along the way but we navigated these with regular communication and appropriate support resulting in a fantastic shoot. 

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