Zoe Morrison

When I eventually plucked up the courage to fill in the form for a consultation with Mark I was feeling frustrated.  Working out 4 or 5 times a week, eating what I thought was the healthiest diet on the planet & still feeling no better than if I had stuffed my face with junk and spent all my spare time sat in front of the television!  I wasn’t overweight as such when I started however there is always room for improvement & I wanted to change!  I knew I was clearly doing something wrong, and no matter how many articles I read & fad diet tips I tried, it wasn’t helping – time for a change!

The initial appointments with Mark discussing the ways M10’s methods work, the beliefs they have in their ability to make a change to someone’s life was inspiring – I was hooked from the first minute of being in the building.  The whole atmosphere at M10 is just infectious, professional but yet inviting and in no way intimidating.  I knew if this didn’t work – nothing would!

The biggest issue for me (as I’m sure it is for many) was the food.  Going from being pretty much vegetarian eating 2 meals a day with a bit of fruit to snack on, to a full on 5 meal a day carnivore was daunting to say the least.  I couldn’t have gone from more opposite sides of the eating spectrum if I’d tried.  However, if you’re going to do something, do it properly!  Careful meal planning & organisation with buying the right food and preparing my meals (with Luke on hand 24/7) was vital for my “sticking with it”.  I must admit, eating meat for breakfast ended up doing nothing more than make me heave so with Luke’s advice I went to having a protein shake meal – sorted!  Knowing I was going to be seeing Luke or Steve three times a week also helped me hugely with motivation & keeping on going when ever I was feeling wobbly.

The first week was by far the hardest, but having regular training sessions and truly enjoying every second of being made to feel like I was going to cry if I had to do one more split squat, along with feeling like my legs didn’t belong to me as I was walking down the stairs to get out of there, I managed it.  After the 14 days I had lost 2.7% body fat & can not begin to tell you how much better I felt.  My sleeping was better, my skin was better, my tummy wasn’t bloated after each meal, back pain I had had for months had gone (totally!) & my energy levels had increased beyond any of my expectations.  Plus, I was coming out of every training session feeling great (unable to breathe or walk properly, but great!)

I’m now at the end of my fourth week on the programme and although I have “fallen off the wagon” a bit this weekend (due to bad planning) which I’m told happens occasionally, my eyes have been well and truly opened to how much of an impact the right food & the right training can have on your life.  I’m just waiting for my four week fat loss readings to come through, but when I was being measured all were still coming down.

Luke and Steve both got lumbered with me on the training front & I genuinely mean this when I say it, they have had more of a positive impact on my life in 4 weeks than a lot of people have had in years.  I can not thank them enough for all the help & support they have given me in & out of training.  If for no other reason than to not let them down & to not waste all their hard work and effort, I am sticking with this change & it is for good!

I have learnt so much in the last 4 weeks & owe it all to Luke & Steve.  They are worth their weight in gold & without this sounding too slushy I feel honoured to have had them as my trainers.

I owe you both!  Zoe x

Zoe lost 4% body fat in 4 weeks working with us.

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