20 lbs weight loss and 8% body fat drop in 8 weeks

When Matt Tucker came to M10 looking for a Personal Trainer in Nottingham, he had one goal in mind. To play in a fathers rugby match and be fit enough to last to full time! He got that and much more!


Matt just about to start an interval rowing session with Luke

Matt hadn't played rugby since he was at school and it meant alot to him to be able to play in a fathers vs fathers rugby game at Newark Rugby club.

Just as every client learns when they join M10, to succeed at one thing we've got to look at everything. This everything took Matt by surprise but as he soon realised, the everything was about to change his life.

Matt soon took to his new diet and supplement program and quickly grasped the conditioning program that Luke had put together for him. In no time, he started to lose weight and his energy levels started to soar.

Week by week Matt kept losing weight, but in true M10 style he also lost alot of body fat and gained lean muscle mass . This is very important if the end result you are looking for is a shape to be proud of.

Matt presented me with a food diary every 2nd week and we made subtle changes where necessary. Keeping on top of a food diary is very important as there are many new skills to learn when trying to lose fat properly.

On the training side, Luke kept up with the program progressions every few weeks so that Matt continued to get stronger and fitter. I must say a huge well done to Luke for the design of his programs and the support he has given Matt along the way.

To date Matt has lost 20lbs and 8% body fat. He has enrolled his family into his new way of life and we are pleased to now be training his son who also plays for Newark Rugby club.

Matt told me earlier this week, "Its hard to believe that I started my new life only 8 weeks ago and I feel a million times better".

If your wondering how the rugby game went, Matt sailed all the way through it and even managed to draft Luke in to play along side him!

This is only the start for Matt as he continues to train with us at M10. Keep an eye on our news section for his latest progress.

Well done Matt.


Luke and Matt after the game

Check out Matt taking on the big tyre in the video clip below

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