28 kg weight loss

I'm going to give you my personal insight into the two personal training experiences I've had with two very different personal trainers. But first of all let me give you a brief description of my life for the last 38 years .

I have always had a weight problem since about the age of 10, along with my mother who battled weight for most of her life. As I remember her years as a weight watchers member and visits to a hypnotist as part of her battle against weight . But in the later years trying to do it her self,  I frequently remember her coming home with a bag full of frozen Findus lean cuisine low fat meals . So her typical day would be a bowl of Special K for breakfast and Ryvita  & cottage cheese for lunch. Followed by a low carb frozen meal of chicken & rice for tea .

Being over weight as a child never really seemed to really bother me, ok my cloths were a bit bigger for people of my age and I always was used to having my trouser legs sewn up to account for the bigger waist size. But as I got older the weight brought its problems, in 1994 I had my varicose veins done on the NHS and I thought brilliant I can wear shorts again (only for a couple of years as they came back). Then there were the social things as I got older, I have been best man for various friends on three occasions. This itself brought problems, I remember being asked and thinking great! Within a few minutes I was grabbing a calendar and working out how many weeks I had, I knew I needed to start a diet NOW.

Needless to say it never happened, I remember going for a suit fitting at some posh designer wedding fitters sweating like a pig. On the way I knew this wouldn't be a pleasant experience, how right I was! I could see the fitter on one occasion being made to work hard for his money, getting out some hideous sized jacket probably last worn in the 1960’s by the look of it! If that wasn't bad I had to tell the groom the day before the wedding, that the waist coat they sent didn't fit. I can even recall the stag do, we went go karting where we all had to wear overalls, yours truly couldn't get one to fit and had to make do with a hideous hi vis jacket. I was the butt of all the laughs that day.

Then there were other occasions being invited out and finding out it was a black tie doo, so quickly making an excuse so you didn't have to go through that painful experience again! I even remember having to cancel a fancy dress party, by phoning them up on the morning saying I was ill. All this so I got out of trying to hire something that I knew was never going to fit.

I have always believed I have eaten a fairly healthy diet most of my adult life, not really a take away or fast food addict. I’ve always grilled my food and not fried it. Since the sudden death of my parents in 2008 and being left the family business, I suppose a typical day would be the following. A bowl of cereal and toast, followed by two cobs for lunch, another cob in the afternoon and then tea followed by a yoghurt. I have always been a yoghurt addict and I still am now (but don't tell Lisa ) . But I suppose one thing I was burying my self from was the alcohol. Easily 4-5 bottles of wine a week, mostly on my own after my meal. So out came the cork at about 9.30, and that was after a quick 1 or 2 lagers when I got home from work. Then you know what happens next at 11.00pm, you get hungry so cheese & biscuits or a few slices of bread. Boy if I only knew then what I know now.


I joined my last gym in May 2010, as my wife was a member there and she already had a personal trainer. I decided to follow suite, and I remember her asking me what I wanted out of it. I remember saying " well I’d like to lose a bit of weight and get a bit fitter ". So I embarked on a twice weekly programme with my new trainer. We did exercises such as scissor kicks, sit ups on a big balancing ball, and then followed by a few lat pull downs and flutter kicks. Some days I would do 30 minutes on the bike followed by the cross trainer, and I even did some running on the tread mill. Did I lose any weight, no I didn't! This was partly down to me, I thought I was eating ok. With me being busy at work, I thought I could still eat and drink what I wanted.

By this point I wasn’t getting weighed any more by my personal trainer, so that took that level of pressure off me. I did this for 18 months, and yes I believe I did learn some basic training skills. But did I lose any weight, no next to nothing. Why because I didn't take the nutrition side of things in, and the work out was just a waste of time. By this point my personal trainer was leaving the gym to pursue other interests, so I was introduced to another personal trainer by the name of Lisa Martin.


On my first meeting with Lisa Martin, I thought we would just be carrying on from where I left off with my last personal trainer. How wrong I was. Lisa was very honest with me, she said all she wanted was results, I knew she meant business.
She changed so much from my last programme, I was lifting way more weights, but no cardio at all. After about 4 sessions Lisa announced she was also leaving the gym to move to a new exciting project nearer home (not Dublin), Nottingham. I was actually quite disappointed because I felt different after only a few sessions with her. After much persuasion from my wife and Lisa, I decided to follow her to M10 in Nottingham. This was another level by far, everything from the standard of the equipment, to the quality personal trainers, and just the general environment. So in November 2012 the latest journey started. No running, no bikes, it was soon explained to me, that here at M10 we do things a little different.


So now I started learning and making some more changes to my life style. I remember Mark saying that people who are on diets, simply don't eat enough, how right he was. Yes it's hard and yes it hurts! I have prayed for the session to end on many occasions, but not once have I ever felt like quitting. I am getting results on a weekly basis with Lisa, up to this point I have lost 28 kg. I know Lisa says its about the body fat but for me it's the weight. All I can say is when you’re at M10 you are surrounded by nothing less than positive people who are there always supporting you or offering advice.

I would of never thought eating five meals a day would make me lose weight, but it has. I’ve even stopped drinking wine at night and now can't stop browsing clothes that I can buy of the high street instead of the over sized websites. There is still a long way to go on this adventure, but let me assure you on something .Even though I actually go round now thinking I am of normal proportion, it wouldn't have happened to me without Lisa and the M10 team .

Would I highly recommend M10? You're damn right I would!!

Paul Matthews 

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