9 Months ago I had a broken back

I want to say thank you to M10 for a truly life changing time training with you (words I feel which are often over used in life!)

I had been in a road traffic accident back in 2012, breaking my back, neck, nose, losing 6 teeth and a cut which went from my nose and through my top and bottom lip (some 50+ external stitches). This obviously stopped my love of normal sport & exercise for some time, smashed my confidence and turned my whole world upside down.

6 months later and with the medical teams blessing, they said that going back to the gym with professional training & guidance from a personal trainer would support my recovery. This was the green light I was waiting for.

I spoke with Mark and was introduced to James Sutton. He turned out to be a fantastic personal trainer, inspiring me to go the full 100% every time I was in the gym and he always answered all of my questions. We devised a start up training programme majoring around support work and strengthening my spine & back.

Then I read an article about Glen, another M10 client, (Cover model transformation) he had roughly the same body fat percentage and he was my age. At this point I made it my target to try and do what he did and or beat his fantastic results.. from that moment on it was game on!

James supported me with all my dietary advice, and of course the training to go along side it. I could never have done the last 3 months on my own, I could have never achieved what I have done in only 12 weeks with M10.

If you're reading this and thinking, should I have a go? Could I do this? Let me tell you, this isn't an ordinary gym! It's not got ordinary people and staff in it, it's full of people who want and need the best for themselves.  If you think you can do it,  pick up the phone and find out what they can do for you... I cannot recommend James Sutton and the M10 team highly enough.

Yes my body is massively different to before, yes my body fat has more than halved in 12 weeks, but my confidence, enthusiasm and ability to laugh be me is back.... this is why I want that thank M10

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