A life changing journey and a commitment to change

We pride ourselves on our ability to coach people to change at M10. There are many people that say they want to change, but very few that actually put the hard work in to achieve the results.

Many people don’t even realise, that it is the very life that they have created which ends up with them coming to see us for help. Their lifestyles revolve around drinking large amounts of alcohol, eating poor food, working late nights and large amounts of stress. It is these very things that cause large amounts of weight gain and in many cases illness or disease. Your social network can make it a very difficult place for you to change, unless you decide clearly that you really want to. How many times have you heard of someone at a party moaning that their on a diet, they’re not enjoying it and it’s hard work? On the other hand, how often do you hear of someone saying that they’re drinking water and eating a healthy food choice purely because that’s what they really like? The ones that moan are moaning in the hope that someone eventually comes over and helps them derail!! They don’t truly want to change and will be the classic person that yo yo’s their way and weight through life!!


To change one thing you must look at changing everything

When we work with someone, we say that to change one thing you must look at changing everything. Let’s be honest, why would you want to lose a little bit of weight and feel a little bit better? When we get down to the true reason people come to see us, it’s because they want to look great, feel great and continue to do everything they love doing and doing it right into old age. We make our clients understand right from the start, that they’ll be right back at square one unless they take accountability of where they are right now and make a decision to change.

In the article below you will learn that John was one of those very people, he knew he needed to do something, and change it was!

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but in this case I think the words do just perfect.

Johns journey in his own words…

Firstly, I am work in progress.  In fact, I always will be work in progress because I have lost significant amounts of weight 8 times in the last 20 years, only to put it all back on each time. Like the alcoholic or the smoker, the demon lies within.

Why had my previous attempts resulted in ultimate failure? Each time I pursued the same strategy of significant cut-back in food intake (low calorie eating) combined with significant amounts of aerobic exercise. It worked every time, to a point. The point being when I hit the wall, weight loss stopped and training boredom set in. What I was doing was not sustainable, at least for me it wasn’t, and back I would go to my old eating habits and the weight would go straight back on, usually finishing above where I previously started.

For the last 3 years I had resigned myself to the thought that the fat me is me – this is what I am. However, if I am nothing else, I am stubborn and persistent! I eventually got angry looking at myself in the mirror, being uncomfortable in my trousers and motivated by wanting to walk in the Lake District into my 70’s, so I decided to have another bash.

I started on March 1, 2010 using the same old strategy as before, strict diet and lots of aerobic exercise. Not surprisingly, I started to lose weight and not surprisingly, I hit the wall again. No matter how much aerobic exercise I did, weight loss stopped and my enthusiasm waned.  I had lost 20 pounds but that wasn’t enough – I was still unhealthily and overweight.

I had been here before – the demon was smiling at me, but I was determined and I decided I needed help to understand what was going on and how I could move forward in a way that allowed me to lose more but much, much more importantly, how I could keep it off this time. That’s when I knocked on Mark Coles’ door at M10 Fitness and asked for his help. That was in November 2010.

The rest, up until today, is history. Under Mark and Steve’s guidance I have become a very motivated and in their words, a “compliant client”. Meal diaries and a regular training regime are now a fixed part of my routine and I am being educated about how to look after myself properly. I thought I knew what I was doing, but how wrong I was! I followed the diet that was suggested to me, good amounts of lean protein, low carbs, essential fats, plenty of vegetables and supported by strength training and interval training. In the three months since knocking on the door I have lost a further 26 pounds, most of which was fat and not muscle, and I have the goal of losing 15 more by the end of this year. I now know that the type of weight I lose is more critical than just losing numbers on the scale. I am eating lots of the right stuff and really enjoying the training.

What I am doing may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it may not work for everyone – but maybe it would? You have to be ready for the long haul. I am not on a diet, what I am doing now is what I am going to do for the rest of my life. I feel ready to say that.

I can’t thank Mark and Steve enough for helping me to get to where I am today. They did not ask me to write this, I did it because I wanted to. I know this is only part of my journey but I am ready to face my demon in the face. I know I will always be ‘work in progress’ but I am now equipped to push past to places that I haven’t been for many, many years.

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