After completing the M10 Personal Training Mentorship, under the guidance of M10 coach and mentor, Joe Duffy, Aidan decided to undergo a body transformation. 

He wanted to experience the M10 coaching standards to help him with his own coaching business.

m10 client Aidan transformation
The goal…
“My aim was to get myself in a better condition than I've got myself in previously. I know I work better with deadlines, usually for me to get in shape that deadline is a holiday. Since I wasn't going on holiday anytime soon, I booked a photoshoot to give me that deadline.”

Challenges and comfort zones...
“I have no interest in bodybuilding or stepping on stage for a show as I am quite shy, so to me, a photoshoot was the nearest I would get to a bodybuilding competition that would challenge me and take me out of my comfort zone.

It certainly was a challenge, and I did want to call it a day and give in at some points. Without Joe, I wouldn't have seen it through to the end, but I'm so glad I did. In 18 weeks I lost 20lbs of body fat and got my body fat percentage down to 8%"

m10 client Aidan transformation m10 client Aidan transformation

A dedicated and supportive coach…
“Joe understood my emotional triggers and situations around food and made me more aware of them, the awareness around this alone was a big enough result for me.On the day of the shoot, totally out of my comfort zone, felt awkward as anything posing for a camera, oiled and tanned up. Something I never thought I'd picture myself doing. Joe drove me down there, made me feel at ease, made the process enjoyable.”

m10 client Aidan transformation
Health Progress…
“I suffer badly with IBS and at the start of the transformation, it was really bad. I've struggled for over 10 years with my IBS and always put it down to food, I could never get to the bottom of the issue and it was so frustrating. Within the first month, Joe had helped my IBS become controlled. I never realized how much my stress was impacting my IBS more than my food, so this was a massive win for my day to day life”
m10 client Aidan transformation

A few words from coach Joe…
“The goal for Aidan was to take his physique to a photo shoot and be in the best shape of his life. He absolutely smashed it out of the park and it’s been a pleasure working with Aidan over the last few months. As amazing as these final results look, the level of sustainability at this point starts to reduce, and eventually to a point where it is pretty much impossible to maintain long term. So would I recommend this long term? Definitely not. But with that said, these results can be a bucket list item and one of the best parts of this job is helping people achieve the goals on their bucket list. I’m excited to see what else we can achieve in the future.”

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