Seriously out of shape and wanting to take his personal training career to the next level, Alex was ready to re-educate himself, show his clients that it is possible to balance a busy life, family, career and be in shape after 40!
Alex’s journey with M10 started on our 8 week Next Level Body Challenge under the guidance of M10 Coach, Jack Haigh. Since then Alex also completed the M10 Personal Training Mentorship with Jack as his mentor.

During this time Alex decided to do a transformation and to complete his first-ever photoshoot. 

m10 client Alex transformation
The lack of activity took its toll...
“I have always trained or participated in sport from a young age. After finishing playing rugby, due to injury, I had undertaken a few events such as running up to marathon distance and triathlon up to half-ironman distance. However, these were always finite goals and I never sustained my progress after the event had happened. Over the years, I had let myself slide a lot physically. All through my life, I had never really looked after myself “off the pitch” and the lack of activity took its toll.”

When you don’t follow a sustainable plan...
“I always enjoyed training in the gym and saw it as a way to get back into looking after myself in a time-efficient manner (no more 4-hour runs or bike rides!). I decided to invest in another PT previously, in an attempt to take the guesswork out of my progress. However, their view was simply “do the workouts & eat what I tell you”. There was no consideration of my personal circumstances or how things could be adapted to suit me and my needs. The training was brutal, leaving me sore for days and affecting my quality of life with my family. This led to me being uninspired to train, resenting the food aspects and left me completely unbalanced in terms of what was beneficial to me, my health and ultimately my family.”

m10 client Alex transformation m10 client Alex transformation

Physical progress...
“Working with Jack I’ve lost 18kg in 12 months. I achieved something that I never thought I would be able to achieve, which was having a photoshoot. I managed to get into the best shape of my adult life. I was healthier, happier and more confident. My emerging health concerns have subsided and I feel like a different person.

The biggest change and take away...
“The biggest change I have had, has been mentally. Learning to value myself and understand how my actions contribute towards bigger goals has been a massive difference! What I love is that, by working on the mental side, the physical side has followed suit.

One of the biggest takeaways for me was that getting photoshoot-ready doesn’t mean undergoing drastic dieting. Understanding that getting lean was achievable through consistency of action over a longer period of time was a decisive factor in my achievement.

I genuinely feel that working with Jack has made me a better person overall. I personally feel and believe that I am a better husband, father, coach and person.”

The challenges along the way...
“The most challenging part of my programme has been working with family and friends to help them understand my realigned values. Many people have the perception of me that I am the fun-loving one, eating and drinking to excess when the opportunity arises. Some people found it difficult to understand that I was making a conscious choice to moderate my decisions. Peer pressure is a real thing and I am glad that I have experienced it in this way, as it helps me relate to my own clients and their experiences.”

m10 client Alex transformation
Confidence to explore new horizons…
“Working with Jack has been a voyage of self-discovery. I have learned more about myself in the past 12-18 months than I had learned in the previous 22 years of my adult life. I have learned self-mastery and that I am in control of my own actions. I now understand that those actions directly contribute to my destination.

Jack has educated me on all things physical and mindset-related. He, like all of the M10 coaches, is an expert in his field and you know that he speaks from a position of authenticity. The best thing is that he does this in a way that helps you and never makes you feel patronised or small. Jack is superb at meeting you, where you are at. He works with what you are ready, willing and able to do, at that moment in time.

This process and coach Jack has given me the confidence to explore new horizons in my life and be the best person that I can be.”

m10 client Alex transformation

A few words from Coach Jack...
“Alex started his journey with low confidence, self-doubt and plenty of excuses. His transformation has been far more than physical in my eyes. He took responsibility for his actions and stepped up to make a change in his life. This transferred very successfully to his coaching practice too, taking greater control over his business and clients.”

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