Alex, who is a coach himself, was at a point where he wanted to get into the best shape of his life, but also be reminded of what it takes to go through a transformation, to relate better to his own clients. He knew the Next Level Body Challenge would give him the extra motivation and accountability he would need. 

M10 coach Stan Didi guided Alex over the course of 8 weeks and Alex was crowned the winner of the male category. He also did a photoshoot at the end of the challenge. 
m10 client Alex transformation
There were challenges but also great rewards…
“The most challenging part was staying on track while still maintaining some sort of normalcy when it comes to social gatherings (holidays, bdays).
The most rewarding part was feeling more energised, having improved mental focus, and obviously the ripped body at the end.”
m10 client Alex transformation
A coach who’s got your back... 
“Stan had my back throughout this entire time. The attention to details up until the time of my photoshoot was unbelievable. I was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism”
m10 client Alex transformation
A few words from coach Stan...
“Alex was committed to the challenge from the first day and his execution of the daily tasks was exemplary! Week by week he followed my instructions without any complaints. By paying close attention to controlling recovery, sleep, digestion, we were able to shift more than 20 pounds and get him ready for his photoshoot”
 m10 client Alex transformation

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