Andy is no stranger to the gym and lifting weights, but he had got himself into a rut and wanted to achieve some better results before his holiday to The Maldives.

He knew that his unstructured diet (especially his sweet tooth!) was holding him back, so he started working with M10 Personal Training Director, Dan Smith, with some clear goals in place.

Andy said: “I had been training for a few years and had got into a bit of a rut - poor diet and I wasn’t pushing myself, ultimately seeing little or no results from the gym. I have had personal trainers before; however I would give it up as I wouldn’t see the results I wanted. This was mainly due to not really getting along with the trainer.

My Achilles Heel…
Not only that, my Achilles heel is that I have a sweet tooth and I wouldn’t think twice about having a couple of ‘protein’ bars a day. I do have an addictive personality so I knew that if someone could show me the way with diet and what to eat daily then I could stick to it. Now working with Dan, my meal prep has just become the norm.

dan and Andy m10 personal trainer body transformation

The Most Challenging Part….
Until I started with Dan, I thought I had fairly good technique which unfortunately wasn’t the case. I’ve had to learn new exercises, but I get so much more from our sessions now.
Curbing my sweet tooth has also been difficult throughout the process as I find that if I start with something sweet I struggle to stop! Oh and don’t even mention the 4:30am starts…….!

However, it has been a really eye opening experience – I have learnt so much about the human body and I have a new appreciation for it and how everyone reacts differently to different macros. It was obvious from the start that I wasn’t going to get a copy and paste training programme and diet - and it really is unique to me.

My Results In Numbers...
Starting at over 20% body fat I have managed to get down to 5% in 16 weeks which I never thought possible – I never realised I had abs!!

dan and Andy m10 personal trainer body transformation

dan and Andy m10 personal trainer body transformation

M10 Is Like No Other Gym
M10 is like no other place I have ever been in that people genuinely want to get results and train the right way. A lot of gyms I have been to lack atmosphere and people just go there to say they have been there. So don’t be scared to join M10 or get a personal trainer. I was that person who thought I was too old or knew too much to have a personal trainer. I couldn’t have been more wrong! The guys at M10 are the best in Nottingham for a reason – all genuine, professional and good fun.”

No Magic Potion
Personal Training Director, Dan Smith said: “Andy had trained for a few years before coming to me and I knew straight away that he had the potential to achieve a really great transformation. We discussed it at length before his holiday to the Maldives and then got to work.

What you see is the result of Andy’s compliancy as his attention to detail was awesome – he basically did as he was told! All it took was a well-structured programme and nutrition plan, with changes made from a caloric and expenditure standpoint. Andy trained 5-6 times per week with 30-40 minutes cardio post workout.

There is no magic potion used to achieve this level of transformation – just manipulating variables and using the tools we had at our disposal.   His perseverance and attention to detail is what paid dividends in the end, and the results speak for themselves!”

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