Ben Lawler

Midlands Light Welterweight Champion

Since working with Luke, my punching speed, power and accuracy have all been improved. As a fighter, my training sessions improve my confidence and equip me with everything I need to be the best when I step into in the ring.

Luke with Ben at M10

Luke with Ben at M10

The sessions have been challenging but rewarding, as I have now reached one of my goals to be the Midlands Light Welter weight Champion. I am excited about Luke’s move to M10 and the new facilities available to me. I am looking forward to benefiting from his knowledge expansion and the effect this will have on furthering my training and progression. Luke has helped me achieve my goals - something I once thought was impossible, but he has given me the tools to become greater than I imagined. Based on my experience I can recommend Luke’s services 100% and feel sure he can do for others what he has done for me. Luke continues to be a vital part of my winning team and success, and he will be with me until the end of my career.

Ben Lawler - Midlands Light Welterweight Champion.

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