Body Transformation - Expected the unexpected

Every time someone comes to M10 looking to lose some body fat, they usually have small goals in mind. We see so many people that just say they want to lose a few pounds and feel a little better, but what they really want is so much more.

The pictures you see below is the results of only 10 weeks work, and for Ben this a transformation that has changed the way he now views exercise and his health.

In the 10 week Body transformation process, Ben lost 8% body fat and 11lbs in weight.

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Ben will be the first to admit that he isn't your regular gym goer! He, like many men had slipped into long social weekends and late work days in the week. This leads to infrequent eating patterns and over excessive drinking. Before long this type of lifestyle not only plays havoc with your waistline but affects so many other areas of your health like sleep and energy.

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Ben followed the structure of our LHP Performance system™ and fourteen day fat loss to the letter and trained with Luke at M10 three times per week. The process, like it is for all our clients involved learning about food, how to time his meals, the right type of training for fat loss and strategies for staying in shape after the system ended. Ben continues to train and regularly has his programmes updated through our satellite training system.

For all the guys reading this that are thinking about losing a few pounds, just look at what can be achieved if you committ yourself to change by implementing the right type of nutrition and training. Losing a few pounds does not help you get in shape, you have to create shape by hard work.

Are you ready to make the step and change?

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