Bryce signed up to the 8 weeks Next Level Body Challenge as he wanted to push the boundaries and take his physique to the next level, which he did AND was crowned runner up of the male category.

M10 coach Jewade Graham was assigned to guide Bryce through the challenge where he lost 8kg in the process and ended the challenge on a high by completing a photoshoot.

m10 client Bryce transformation
The goal...
“The Next Level Body Challenge was an opportunity for me to dedicate 8 weeks and really pull the pin. I wanted to push the boundaries on what’s possible and take my physique to the next level. By the end of the process, I wanted to look back with zero excuses, knowing I had done everything with relentless execution”
m10 client Bryce transformation
Experienced coaches help when things get tough...
"The last couple of weeks were a real mental battle more than anything, when output was high and calories were low. But all of the coaches had been there before and you could draw upon their experience of being in the trenches and knew that the end was in sight, providing I kept battling on. That along with seeing the visual changes week on week was a real driving force. 

First class coaching...
The level of commitment, support, communication and accountability from Jewade was first class. He pushed me hard on my vision and goals early on, so that we both were on the same page. His belief in me, instilled the confidence I clearly lacked in myself and from that, the potential of what we could achieve over the course of the 8 weeks became crystal clear. Every week I had peace of mind knowing I just had to execute to the letter and I would be in the best position possible.

m10 client Bryce transformation
Peak week for the photoshoot was an experience like none other…
“The level of precision that goes into the planning of every single day and the impact that small tweaks can make to your physique, was awesome to encounter firsthand. Every minute detail was mapped out, carefully considered and explained fully, so that there was education as well as explanation. And then when you complete a photoshoot at the end and see the results on camera, it really did exceed my own expectations in terms of what I’d achieved.”

Runner up is the icing on the cake..
It’s an amazing accolade to be crowned runner up and is just the icing on the cake to be very honest. Completing the challenge in full, knowing I had given absolutely everything and achieved my best physique was a win in itself and so this bonus recognition is very humbling."

A few words from Coach Jewade…
Bryce enrolled on the challenge with a clear goal in mind. To take his physique to a place it has never been before. With a new addition to his family expected later on this year and an end to lockdown on the horizon there wouldn’t be a better time to undertake a challenge that would require, focus, energy and time. Bryce was able to manage and navigate effortlessly through lower energy and cravings because of his clear vision and total supplication to the experience.
Pretty early on I understood that Bryce would take an interest into the level of planning and detail that goes into the preparation for a shoot, so when one was confirmed I could instantly see the switch in mindset that allowed him to follow the plan without deviation, through the internal battle that he experienced around week 6 as to whether he would be in a condition that matched his vision."

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