Callum had tried everything in an attempt to lose fat and transform his body – but he wasn’t able to achieve the results that he wanted.  After turning 40, he decided it was now the time to push himself and get into the best shape of his life.  
Under the guidance of M10 coach, Joe Duffy, Callum lost 33lbs in 16 weeks and got down to 11.5% body fat - the lowest it has ever been.

Callum said: “I had personal trainers, did lots of running and CrossFit in the past but none of these got me the results I wanted.  I found M10 through CleanCut kitchen and liked their focus on transformations which is exactly what I was after. I've always exercised to improve my health but never successfully combined it with the nutrition side of things, therefore results have never been as good as I had wanted. While training and exercising is something that I've always done (albeit sporadically!), the food side of things is something I've never been able to master. 

Joe Helped To Cut Through The BS....
There's so much information out there, it's difficult to know what’s going to work best.  Joe has helped me understand it so much more and feel confident with cutting through the BS that's out there.

Milestone Birthday...
I came to M10 having just passed a milestone birthday (40) and my goal for the year was to be the fittest and leanest I've been.  This is from being the heaviest I've been the year previously. 

My Results In Numbers...
Apart from my physique, the most that has changed about me since training at M10 with Joe is the clarity on what works and doesn't work from a training and nutrition point of view. I've dropped to my lowest body fat of 11.5% - probably since I was 16 years old!  I also feel stronger and fitter than I've ever been.  Although not all of this loss happened since joining M10; I've dropped from my heaviest at 123kg in June 2017 to 82kg in Dec 2018.  That was with a break of a few months in the middle where I lapsed a little.  Joe is now helping me to re-evaluate my goals as we go and looking forward to what 2019 is going to bring!

callum body transformation callum body transformation

I love my food and adhering to a strict nutrition plan has been tough. That said, Joe and I have moved onto a more flexible plan recently which allows me to eat of the food I like and still drop fat.

What Joe Has Taught Me...
I have learnt so much during my time with Joe! He is really knowledgeable, not just on the training and nutrition side of things, but also about the mindset you need to be successful.  The one takeaway for me is there is no quick-fix, but with the support from a trainer such as Joe, time, and you going all-in - results are guaranteed.

Having tried numerous things in the past I realise now I just didn't prioritise my health, but if you're ready to give it all you've got, I would say 'go for it' and get in touch with Joe at M10 now!

Joe is a great trainer, a nice guy and makes getting up at 5:30am to get to the gym enjoyable, almost! Seriously the results say it all, well worth it and a great experience.  I would recommend M10 and Joe for anyone wanting to be in the best shape of their life."

M10 coach, Joe Duffy said: “Callum works full time as a busy business owner and is a family man, but over the course of 16 weeks has been able to lose a total of 33lbs and completely transform his body. One of the key areas we focused on was programme adherence – without this, a plan is always destined to fail. Although some coaches will shy away from adding in running/endurance training in workout programs, as Callum enjoys running, this is something we managed to implement from the early stages, alongside adequate nutrition. If Callum can do this in 16 weeks, imagine what you can achieve. He’s now in a perfect position to move onto the next phase of his plan and start adding more quality, lean tissue.”

Take some time to watch the below video as Callum shares his story so far at M10.

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