Changing your body shape past 40

So here it is. Many of you saw the initial 8 week progress photos, and I said back then the finished product would be special.
This is the product of 6 months of careful manipulation of nutrition and programming, and of course trust in the process. These are real world results, Rich holds down a full time job. He has spent most of his evenings when not training, totally redeveloping his house. However he set himself the goal of getting in to the best shape of his life, in his own words "the wrong side of 40".
I talk to all my clients about the importance of mindset, and that no matter how hard you train and eat, without a bulletproof mindset we easily fall back into bad habits.
Rich has proven time and time again, that a strong mindset and unwavering belief will overcome any obstacle. Well done brother, next stage we'll put some more tissue on to that new physique.
Transformation by M10 Coach Dan Smith
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