Charlie is part of the M10 Personal Training Mentorship programme and had a photoshoot booked during lockdown. He wanted to go ahead with it, leaving no stone unturned in his attempt to get into the best shape possible. With very limited equipment available to him (resistance bands and bodyweight) and dealing with the added pressures of work, lockdown and childcare, he put his full trust in his M10 mentor and coach, Anthony Barnes, to take him through the process.
Charlie said: “I had a rearranged photoshoot date during lockdown and I wanted to take all the decision making away from myself and just focus on the training and nutrition setup given to me, as I had to contend with other multiple aspects in life taking up my attention.

I needed the support and accountability of a coach...
I know how to get ‘lean’ but appreciate the support and accountability of a coach.  Going into a photoshoot in itself, let alone with just resistance bands and bodyweight, is something I’ve not attempted previously and didn’t want to leave anything to chance.
Looking further at sleep and pre-bed routines, has helped be more consistent around going to sleep and getting a better night’s sleep, which had a positive impact to me daily. Also, I had to think in more detail about executing each rep, in order to maximise muscle engagement and output, based on the limited kit I had to hand. This is a mindset I’ll look to take back into the gym with my training going forward.
What I achieved in 9 weeks hasn't sunk in...
The results have been all about fat loss, as we primed to get photoshoot ready, while looking to hold on to muscle tissue already present. I have to say at first I was sceptical about what was possible, but after 2 weeks I could see the potential results. All in all, I lost 6kg over the course of 9 weeks, which has been amazing all things considered.  The results I achieved still haven’t really hit home yet, from a personal perspective.

m10 client Charlie thrussell transformation
What I struggled with most...
Turning up every day, 7 days a week during the first programming cycle, while working from home and having childcare responsibilities, was emotionally draining.  Aside from this, being in the right mindset to ‘turn up’ and train in my son's playroom with limited equipment, was something that took time adjusting to.
While learning week to week on the M10 Mentorship, doing my own transformation with my mentor, Anthony, has helped me see, feel and understand different aspects of M10's 6 pillars and ways it can be applied to help myself. I can now also apply and explain knowledge to my own clients better, as in a more relatable and empathetic position.

m10 client Charlie thrussell transformation

A few words from M10 coach, Anthony Barnes....

“I knew what this photoshoot meant to Charlie and I was confident that with a smart approach we could work around the barriers that had previously prevented his transformation. Taking Charlie's training down was our first port of call in order to lower overall stress on the system and allow the body to actually recover. With the stress of work, lockdown and childcare, we had many plates to spin. We trained 3 times per week with very limited equipment and simply allowed the nutrition to do the work. Throughout the process we focused on maximising sleep quality and managing stressors to the best of our ability.

m10 client Charlie thrussell transformation m10 client Charlie thrussell transformation

As usual we were ready to go early meaning we could run into the shoot calmly and controlled with no need to mess around with water or sodium.

Really happy with Charlie's results and it just goes to show that with a carefully crafted plan, communication and execution, excellent results can be achieved."

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