Chirag had been making fantastic progress in the gym but as lockdown was announced, he had to fly back to India and was worried that he wasn’t going to be able to progress any further.

However, he transitioned to online coaching with M10 coach, Stan Didi and Stan has pulled every trick out of the bag to challenge him and make him progress – even with the added challenge of the occasional electricity cuts that happen in his home country!

Chirag said: “The transition was smooth. The M10 machines are always missed, and the bunch of fit people to look up to as well. However, my coach has every trick in the bag to make my progress even through these rough times. 
Challenging times….
The only challenge I would say is when the lights go off in my country. With Stan's support I'm able to live as usual. I have my daily workouts, tasks etc, so I really don't miss anything other than the gym.
What I enjoy about online coaching…
What I have enjoyed the most has to be the different routine and still being able to progress. 


All credit goes to my coach…

Progression was something I was worried about. All credits go to Stan and M10 for the help they have provided me with in order to not only maintain but also increase my fitness levels under the present circumstances.”
A few words from M10 coach, Stan.....

M10 coach, Stan Didi said: “Chirag's programme didn't change that much. Of course, we can't use the variety of machines at M10, but Chirag has a few sets of dumbbells at home which we can work with. I adapted his programme from the gym to home workouts with the equipment available to him. Chirag is still training 5-6 times per week and progressing with his goals. 

m10 coach Stan didi online coaching

From the beginning I had a few video calls with Chirag where we went through execution of his exercises and currently we have every a check in call every week where we will talk about his full week of training, but also his nutrition, sleep, mood etc. So it's basically exactly what we are doing at the gym, but now online.”


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