When Chris saw a family photo posted on social media, he realised that he was overweight and had to do something to address his health and wellbeing. He had previously worked with a personal trainer but he was frustrated at not getting the results he wanted.

He said: “Initially, I started my journey working with a personal trainer organised through my previous gym and this is when I came to learn about M10. When my trainer left the gym it seemed like a no brainer to come and check M10 out.

When I started my transformation I was absolutely convinced that working with a PT in the gym and running outside of the gym, would equal results. I didn’t have the knowledge and education to understand why this effort wasn’t paying off. My main goal was to reduce body fat to 10-12%, to achieve a flat stomach and to grow muscle mass.

My Results In Numbers...
Whilst working with Joe, I have shifted over 20kg, body fat reduction to 10%, with gains in muscle mass and strength.  I am a healthier, happier and more confident person. Joe has provided me with a plan, I know if I adhere to the plan I will see the results I want to see. Knowing this and seeing these results has given me such a confidence boost leading to a dramatic improvement in what I am able to achieve both in the gym and in work. 

chris body transformation  chris body transformation

He Helped To Reset My Mindset....
When starting my programme Joe and I would talk about ‘compliance’ - if I complied with the programme I would see results. The programme went far beyond just exercise, covering what to eat, what to drink, and activity levels outside the gym (through counting steps). Initially, I really struggled with cravings for all the foods that were no longer part of my diet, Joe helped me to work through ‘resetting’ my mindset, helping me understand what was driving the cravings and reassure me that the feeling would pass.

This was a change in lifestyle that forced me to look at my outlook – rather than viewing this change as being ‘told to comply’ I made a choice to adhere to a plan. Rather than beating myself up for failing to comply I’d celebrate my adherence (normally with a scheduled and thought through off plan meal!!). 

What I Have Learnt From Joe...
I’ve learned the importance of having a plan and sticking with that plan – learning that I respond well to routine, Joe booked out set sessions at times that work for me (which we flexed as and when we needed to – life still happens).

Joe has educated me in different forms of exercise and why they are the right or wrong exercises for me as I progress through my transformation. I now understand the importance of good nutrition and why this plays such a pivotal part of a successful plan.

If, like me, you really want to change then make the decision that this is something YOU really want to do and WHY you want to do it – you will need this later on in your journey to help motivate you. Invest in a personal trainer who has the ability to educate you and explain the ‘why’ behind what they are advising you to do.

Set yourself a goal with your coach and give 100% commitment to your programme, but don’t beat yourself up too hard if you fall off plan, reassess why you want to achieve your goal and get back on plan.

What I Enjoy About Working With Joe...
What I enjoy the most about my plan is working with Joe. Few personal trainers would be able to match his professionalism and knowledge. I know I would not have been able to achieve the results I have seen, in such a short time frame, without his commitment to helping me realise my goals. He’s always at the end of a Whatsapp message when help is needed and the Sunday morning check-ins!” 

M10 coach, Joe Duffy said: “Chris had a goal to get to lean enough to have his abs on show and he's done a great job of achieving that with a total loss of 20kg (44lbs).

The biggest challenge we faced was the change in mindset that was required when it comes to his relationship with food. Educating and supporting Chris throughout his journey was essential for him to achieve the level of results that he has.

With that said, hats off to Chris, over this first phase of training he's followed the plan pretty much to a T from day one. Every time Chris leaves a training session he's equipped with more knowledge and more drive to become the best version of himself.

We're moving into his first gaining phase, now that body fat levels are in a respectable position. We will iron out existing muscle imbalances and incrementally increase his food intake. Let's see what he can do with the added calories!

Great work Chris!”
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