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I've worked with many people over the last 12 years, but Simon's transformation has to be the best I've been involved in to-date. 

2 years ago, Simon decided enough was enough - he wanted his health and his body back. Simon initially made contact with Elite Sports Nutritionist Matt Lovell. Matt coached him through his initial main weight loss goal, a massive 6 stone. I'm convinced the methods that Matt used, are responsible for the condition of Simons skin. Many people have asked if there was any excess, and I can confirm that there was none. Right from the start with Matt, there were no crazy weight loss plans in place, the major focus was always on retaining as much muscle mass as possible, and gradually losing his weight over time. 

I was contacted by Matt, right at the point where Simon was ready to step it up another level. Distance coaching can only work for so long, but Simon needed hands on personal training and guidance for this stage. My responsibility was to take his physique and get him ready for a photo shoot. To do this I had to add more muscle to his frame, balance him out posturally, and then begin the cutting phase to take his body fat right down. So the picture you see below, is where he started and finished with me. 

I was blown away with this photo of Simons back, it's real proof of how much muscle he built in the 12 weeks he was with me. 

Simon and I have now started work on his next goal. To add 10 kgs to his frame and develop his physique further. So watch this space for more progress pictures. 

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