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In November 2012 I asked Matt Lovell if he knew of any personal trainers in the Midlands area that could help me achieve my final goal of my weight loss journey that I was unable to achieve. I said I wanted to achieve the cover model look and targeted myself 6 months to do it in. He mentioned one man and one man only, Mark Coles. He said he’s the best in the midlands and one of the best full stop. What I didn’t realise at this point was how right those words would be.

I got the Christmas festivities out of the way and contacted Mark in January. I went over to his personal training gym in Nottingham and all I can say is WOW what a setup, this place had incredible kit and fantastic facilities. We had a great meeting and Mark explained what he would be able to do and what kind of targets we should look to. I told him about my journey so far and explained that although I was exercising regularly I was unable to achieve the results I wanted and wanted to not only have his help to achieve this but also to learn how his methods work to help me understand my body composition more. Then came another shock the transformation would take 12 WEEKS. “12 weeks” I said? My target was 6 months but I wasn’t complaining not one bit. I was so excited to get going.

Mark sent across my nutrition for the first 4 weeks which detailed everything for me including my macro breakdown and examples of what foods to include etc. Being 18 and half stone when I started my original diet also gave Mark another problem though, I was under eating and whilst when we met I had lost a lot of weight I had also lost a lot of Muscle so we decided to build for the first phase of the programme then start the cutting afterwards so really the cutting part became 8 weeks not 12.


I then met up with Mark on the Monday for my first training session. My only complaint at this point was I wish mark had told me to bring a wheelchair as it was a leg session I still remember now. I knew I would learn new things but this was a complete eye opener for me and whilst crawling to the shower after my first session I was still smiling as I felt I had achieved more in this first session with Mark than I had in the last 12 months.

Every week that went by I watched my body change and I learnt more and more. The strangest thing I found was I was eating more than I had in the last 2 years but getting leaner each week. I’m not going to say that the 12 weeks was easy no way it was very full on training but I enjoyed immensely as I was learning and setting myself up for the future at the same time.

What Mark and his team at M10 do is very special. They are not a fad diet that helps you for a period of time then watches you go back to your old ways. They teach you how to train and what to eat and how lifestyle changes are possible and the results you want are achievable.

The 12 weeks were up far too quick and not because I was not getting results but because I was enjoying the program so much. I was truly astonished by the results (see below). Mark had taken me from almost 13% BF down to 6.8% BF and added some fantastic new areas of muscle that was very much needed. The photo-shoot we did was amazing and I was so grateful. Mark said we should send the story off to a few people to see what they think. The feedback from Marks followers on Facebook was amazing; I was overwhelmed by the comments and very happy.


A few weeks had passed and we hadn’t heard from the magazines we e-mailed and at this point we had seriously changed my programme to add 10kg of new muscle and started some strength based training programmes.

Then out of the blue Men’s Health wanted to cover the journey I had been on and before long we were on our way to London for another shoot. This was my dream from the start to prove that it was possible and I also wanted to show others just what M10 and Mark have done for me. Whilst we were only given 10 days to prep and in the time before we were told about the shoot my BF had gone up due to bulking and a little time off after the initial shoot Mark was straight on it and by shoot day got me in great shape again. The shoot was a great experience and I owe so much to Mark for helping me achieve my dream. 


One of the biggest things Mark has done without realising is change the lives of my friends and family because of the things he has changed for me and the things I’ve learned from him and M10 so far. He has got my 5yr old son eating more greens than ever, he has made those around me make changes to what they eat and feed their children.


I am working on new things with Mark now and we have some exciting things in the pipeline. I owe so much to Mark,  he has changed my life beyond what I could have ever dreamed.

I would also like to thank all the trainers for being so welcoming, Reid, Lisa, Danny, James are a credit to what Mark is trying to achieve at M10. I would also like to thank Joanna for all her help and assistance.

I am so excited for the next stage of my journey to begin and so pleased it will be with Mark and M10.

Thanks again Mark, you’re a legend.

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