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When Glenn first came into see me, I remember him clearly saying that he could commit to 12 weeks of training with us and nothing more. He had a very specific request, he said he'd never had a body that he was really proud of and he really wanted to test himself to see what was possible.

We live for challenged like this and Steve who's a coach at M10 Newark was eager to get started with Glenn. As always we aim to exceed our clients expectations, this was no exception. All too often people accept average in their life, but when someone wants to achieve excellence, we're ready to show them what we can really do.

What Glenn didn't expect at the age of 44, was that he was going to finish his 12 weeks with a cover model body!!

At this point I'll let Glenn take over and let him share his journey with you.

Well what a journey!!!

The 21st of August 2012 was my assessment prior to the first training session. Just coming back off a two week road trip to Italy I was full of great pasta, pizza and wine. The session went well, I met Steve McClory my personal trainer for the next three months. As only my measurements, photo's and a discussion about my nutrition were done, I felt confident for Friday's first session.

Friday came around and I had just done my first day of two weeks low carbs, it was an effort in its self I have to say. I knew I was a bit overweight and the results were in from my measurements from earlier in the week. They weren’t brilliant 15.2% body fat and plenty of areas to work on. Steve said our aim was to get to below 8%!!  How on earth were we going to do that??



Well the session started ok, I’d been used to weights before so technique, although rusty was ok then BANG the conditioning part of the session with intervals on the rower. Now this may not seem much but as I said earlier I had just returned from holiday I had not been in a gym for a good few months either. Basically I was a complete mess by the end of this session, I did not know if I was going to see all the food I had eaten that day in the toilet!! I felt awful!

What an introduction to my body transformation. Thankfully I had the weekend to recover as my next session was not until the following Monday.

After the first week my body began to deal with the sessions and with Steve's help and constant advise and encouragement even after a week my body was starting to change. The food element certainly for the first two weeks is very strict, you really have to be in the right frame of mind to do this otherwise you will not get the results. It really is true that in order to get your body in shape you have to start in the kitchen. There is a great article written by Mark on the M10 website (12th September 2012 ' The route to a defined six pack')


As the weeks past certain items were added into my diet like lean beef, tomatoes etc. This may not seem much but believe me after the initial two weeks it’s wonderful and the food just became part of my daily routine with the recommended supplements. I looked forward to every single session. When you can see that it really is possible for your body to change so radically, the whole process becomes like a drug. Of course you want your body to change, otherwise you wouldn’t have signed up for this programme in the first place. But I never thought the results would be so rapid. I wanted more of this!

“They want the results for you as much as you do”

The care and attention from all concerned at M10 is fantastic. No question is too silly to ask but above all they want the results for you as much as you do. You are kept up to date of your progress by the monitoring of your body fats via the biosignature chart every two weeks, I always looked forward to this but also with nervous anticipation! Hoping the see if the 2 weeks since the last measurements were taken were any good. Every measurement was explained by Steve(my trainer), because it really is a science what the guys do .Each body part measured has a significant role and impacts on the changes Steve makes as I go along.


Finally the 12 weeks is up. I cannot believe the difference in how I look today compared to how I was at the beginning. It's not been easy in anyway shape or form and why would it be!! My advice to anyone thinking of taking up this sort of transformation challenge, would be to COMMIT FULLY, you have to! Don't think oh I will pick it up a bit next week so I can have this pizza or chocolate bar or something like that because you will not achieve your full potential. Also listen to everything the trainers tell you, they really are fantastic and their knowledge is incredible. Never be afraid to ask any question, I asked hundreds!!

I would like to say a massive thanks to my wife Donna who for 3 months has cooked every meal for me. She had slightly limited ingredients but came up with some very inventive meals. The food really is as crucial to the end result as doing the sessions in the gym.


To Steve who has been fantastic throughout and kept me positive if a session did not go as well as I would have wanted it to. He answered every question big or small and encouraged me all the way. He listened to this middle age man moan every now and then when I would say 'another set with that weight, are you sure? ' He really is a credit to M10 and any future client that has him as their personal trainer should count themselves very lucky.

To all at M10 Newark, Steve, Luke, Lucas & Mark I am so proud to have been on this journey of discovery with you all.

Many thanks

Glenn Feltimo

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