Daniel came to M10 over 6 months ago with the goal of becoming a healthier, fitter and stronger version of himself.  Working in an office, he became aware of how his sedentary lifestyle and daily routine could lead to health problems further down the line and he wanted to change.

He said: “Before joining M10 my lifestyle was very sedentary, owing largely to working full-time in an office for five days a week. I began to realise how damaging a sedentary lifestyle can be and the increased risk of health problems it can cause, so I decided to do something about it.
When looking for a gym to join, I came across M10 and was really impressed by their commitment to helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals.  I had experienced some injuries from playing sport previously, so I also wanted to learn about injury prevention as well as improve my posture and strength. From reading the articles and blogs around nutrition, lifestyle and fitness I was convinced that M10 could not only provide me with the physical training but also the education to transform my current way of life into a long-term healthy lifestyle.
Working with a coach, my main aim was to improve my confidence within the gym and receive motivational support, as I have a tendency to lose focus, especially when working towards long-term goals. Prior to starting with Lee, my coach, I didn’t think too much about my food choices and I had little discipline or guidance with my eating. I wanted more structure and Lee has given me good advice around diet and nutrition, as this goes hand-in-hand with physical activity and leading a healthy lifestyle.

dan client testimonial transformation
Physically I have made significant progress in improving my posture, which was one of my main goals. I have also become leaner, improved body tone and feel much stronger than I was before. At the same time, my confidence has increased significantly; I have more energy, make better and healthier choices and decisions and generally feel happier and more positive. I have learnt more about myself and how my body works. Lee always explains the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ and he’s opened me up to being more experimental with trying new foods!
From week one, Lee helped me to set clear goals and developed a structured training programme and nutrition plan. He has motivated and challenged me to achieve my goals, as well as providing knowledge and expertise that has enabled me to learn, practice and apply exercises in my everyday life. Personal training at M10 has exceeded my expectations, as I have taken big strides towards achieving my goals and also understanding how good nutrition can support this.   Not only that, the welcoming and friendly atmosphere you get at M10 and from the support from the coaches, has helped to build my confidence and determination to be consistent with my training.
Do not let fears or doubts hold you back, push yourself out of your comfort zone and take action!"

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