David who is a coach himself, wanted to prepare for his 2nd photoshoot. 

He was also struggling with his health and energy levels and not prioritising sleep and recovery. So he decided to sign up for online coaching with M10 senior coach Jack Haigh to guide him through the process. 

m10 client David transformation

Where it all started…
"I decided to get an online coach to experience what being a client is like instead of being the coach. It’s something I had been thinking about for a while as I wanted to experience high level online coaching to help improve the service I give my clients. 
I was also unhappy with how much weight / body fat I had gained from July to December 2020 after getting pretty lean for a photoshoot in June. I wanted the guidance and accountability of a coach to get me leaner than the previous year for another photoshoot. 
I could also feel my energy and health worsening as I was pushing myself too hard with work and training, and not prioritising sleep and recovery. So I wanted to address that as I knew I couldn’t maintain it and would eventually feel burnt out. 
I came across M10 initially listening to Marks podcast which then led me to the PTM with Jack, and then onto the EBM with mark after that."


The results...
During the 13 weeks I lost 13kg in total and got in the best shape I had ever been, a massive improvement compared to the photoshoot the year before.

Valueing health...
I also seen massive progress in my resting heart rate and HRV. My sleep improved from 4- 5hrs per night to 6-8hrs so my recovery and energy got much better which made work and training a lot easier. 
My caffeine intake was also very high before starting with Jack and I knew it wasn’t healthy. I managed to consciously control my caffeine intake and I now have about 25% of what I used to have. I’ve also continued to prioritise my health instead of working too many hours and over training too."


Knowledge, confidence and willpower...
My confidence and willpower have been taken to a new level now, and my mindset of thinking it was normal to be tired all the time has completely changed and I feel much better for it, at work and in everyday life. "

m10 client David transformationm10 client David transformation

My knowledge has improved which has helped me progress my own clients further, and my overall online coaching service has improved after being a client and receiving top level coaching. I also now feel more confident as a PT and online coach after learning from Jack. 
The way that I now train has completely changed - My exercise selection has improved, and I now train smarter, with less weight and more focus on tempo and contraction. 

m10 client David transformationm10 client David transformation

"The training side of the plan was always enjoyable and easy to get done. The diet side of the plan was a little bit more challenging as I previously allowed myself 1-2 high calorie days per week so adjusting my mindset to this was difficult at times. 
The timing of the plan was also very challenging. My wife and I found out we were expecting twins which was a massive surprised at the time and we were also in between properties too. So, there were a lot of things that could have hindered my progress but the weekly zoom calls with Jack were always great to keep me on track with everything. "


m10 client David transformationm10 client David transformation

Lessons and the road ahead...

"Jack is a great guy and very knowledgeable, so it was a solid investment working with him and learning from him too. I also achieved the best results possible within the timescale that we worked together so I’m happy with that. 
I also learnt a different direction to take my life going forward - To be more health focused and know my limits when it comes to the workload I can handle. 
I’ve also learnt some new training techniques and been grateful to experience being on the client side of the relationship which is helping me improve my coaching style. "


m10 client David transformationm10 client David transformation

A few words from Coach Jack...

"David is a great example of a client that needed to align his health goals with his physical goals. 
At M10 we believe that a healthy body progresses much better than an unhealthy body. 
In the first 6 weeks I avoided dieting David, instead, I made it our mission to improve habits, lifestyle, and health factors. This made it easier for both of us to drive for that lower body fat % in the latter stage of the prep.

I was very impressed with David’s work ethic, at no point did he search for excuses, he knew we had a plan, and he knew he was ready to execute it."


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