Fat loss = 6 Pack for Spencer

There's one the thing that all guys want, but they're often never committed enough to ever get it!

Its one of the first things that guys say when they sit in front of me at their initial consultation. For Spencer it was no different, "how long will it take you to get me a six pack?". There was one thing different this time, and I only see it every so often. It was the way Spencer said, "I will do it you know!"

There's a big difference between asking me how to train and expecting the results, and asking me how to train and actually going out there and doing the necessary hard work to achieve it!!

It hasn't been easy!

Spencer will be the first to admit that it hasn't been easy, holding things up slightly has been the fantastic arrival of his baby twins and an old shoulder injury that reared its ugly head!

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With some small ups and downs, he kept to his word and trained his butt off! To get a transformation like this I advise my clients to train no less than 4 days per week. His diet like all M10 clients started with fourteen day fat loss and then moved into a personalised plan which was based on the results of his weekly body fat measurements and lifestyle assessments.

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Now there's going to be people reading this asking themselves if they've got what it takes to shed 9% body fat and lose 19lbs in weight like Spencer.

My answer to you is "yes you have"!! I come up against the usual complaints of having too much on or not enough time to train. These are all excuses, if you really want anything in your life you go out there and you get it! Just think back to a time in your life when you wanted something real bad and ask your self what you did to get it? In nearly all cases you'll find that you focussed your attention on that very thing until you got it!

So the first step to fat loss at M10 is being very clear to yourself about what you really want to achieve. The next step is we give you all the tools to go out there and get it. You'll be very surprised to learn that when ever you get something you worked your butt off to get(like a 6 pack), you don't often let go of it!!

Spencer made the decision that exercise and being in shape was going to be a priority for him and that meant he got the job done!

Congratulations Spencer.

Spencers thoughts

I went to M10 in the hope that with appropriate guidance and help I could loose weight, get back in shape and also stay in shape. Mark understood my goals and although at times it was emotional, It wasn't without a lot of hard graft and a great deal of swearing , we got there!

Mark possess a unique understanding and ability to tailor make regimes to suits each persons own requirement that they themselves understand.

He has been a superb pillar of support throughout my transformation.

Thanks Mark!

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