Grant was at a place where he felt out of shape and lacking confidence. Yet, as a coach himself, he knew that he wanted to be an inspiration to his own clients.  

In order to improve his own skills as a personal trainer, he signed up to our 6 month online Personal Training Mentorship and began his journey with M10 senior mentor & coach, Anthony Barnes.  It was during this time that Grant decided to do his own transformation with the help from Anthony.

m10 client Grant transformation

This did not work in the past...
“I have trained hard & dieted in the past with some success but it would be very much a stop start process. It didn't work as I didn't have anyone to make me aware of what I was doing wrong."

m10 client Grant transformation

More than just physical changes…
“The thing that has changed most about myself since working with Anthony is my confidence and how I carry myself now & my relationship with my food, I do not feel like i'm dieting. The most valuable thing Anthony has taught me is how important health markers are! I have lost 12.5kg but I'm stronger, healthier, I have an unbreakable mindset & I now feel like I inspire my clients to do the same!”

m10 client Grant transformation

A few words from Coach Anthony...
“Grant’s long-term goal is to put muscle tissue on so we knew that getting the body healthy and into a more responsive state first was absolutely key. With previous aggressive diets failing, we made sure to lay out a longer-term plan with crucial next and direction that could ensure success. This is where previous plans had fallen short. 
Despite limited equipment and lockdown, we made excellent strides forward and have put ourselves in the best position to now add some muscle tissue. Excellent consistency from Grant in this first phase.”

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