Ian always enjoyed training but felt stuck in a rut so he joined the 8 week Next Level Body Challenge in February under the guidance of M10 coach, Jewade Graham. 

They decided to set a new goal to continue after the challenge and work towards Ian’s first photoshoot.

m10 client Ian transformation

The biggest takeaway from the process...
"I learned quite early in the process that my training wasn’t really the big issue, it was my nutrition. The changes I saw rapidly was a result of how I was fueling my body, I was amazed at how much good nutrition and consistently hitting daily macros was the key to my transformation.  And also the important role food plays in training and recovery, you can’t out train a bad diet has never rung truer in my mind than now!
Ive also had a very determined and focused mindset, working with Jewade has mentally improved my ability to push through the barriers which at times were a struggle, perseverance pays off!
I have learned to trust the process, be patient and persistent and results will come, working with Jewade has shown me that this can be applied to anything we do in life and if you want it enough, work hard, and the results will come."

m10 client Ian transformation

The results and future goals... 
"I lost 20Kg (3.1 Stone) over the space of 19 weeks working with Jewade. I initially signed up to the 8-week challenge and continued working with Jewade with a photoshoot being the end goal. I obtained a physique I have tried for years to achieve and have a fresh outlook on my training goals. I now strive to apply the same consistency to adding some lean mass over the coming months and years."

m10 client Ian transformation
The biggest challenge...
"The last few weeks were the hardest, I started to feel too light and thin for my height, but it was due to the prep that was required to get me photoshoot ready. I had to dig deep and trusting Jewade throughout was key to coming out the other side with the delivered results. I enjoyed the self-discipline associated with the training and diet but I hadn’t thought of the mental part that tested me towards the end."

 m10 client ian transformationm10 client ian transformation
A few words from Coach Jewade...
"Ian initially came to me with the goal of regaining some of the focus and passion in training that lockdown had taken away. It soon became apparent that what we would achieve in the 8 weeks would be a great basis to continue building upon to get into a condition he had not seen in years. To achieve what we have in the timeframe we have is testament to the commitment and dedication shown by Ian. A huge part of this transformation was his ability to push through psychological barriers that could easily have derailed the process.
This is only the beginning, and we now have a canvas to start building an Ian 2.0."

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