Internship - Ben Mulamehic

Hi Mark,

A big thank you to you and your team. You managed to go over every question I had, and explained everything in a way that was easily understandable, as well as sharing tons of advice on supplementation, nutrition, program design and increasing revenue.

It was a truly unique experience seeing you and your team pushing your clients through their paces, and of course themselves. Within the first few seconds of walking into M10 it was glaringly obvious just how professional everything is, and that it is a no nonsense Personal Training facility which provides exceptional results.

What I took away with me was:

1. The importance of consultations and how they will shape success with potential clients

2. How crucial it is to assess and record every single detail to ensure that each client is getting 100% and is on track for a successful transformation.

3. Periodisation for Fat Loss

4. How hard one must push themselves within their own training time!

To finish the day, Mark choose a tough form of metabolic work in the form of a Death Circuit, which had me reminding myself of the taste of lunch that day. More importantly it showed me the level of training workouts required to push myself and my clients, if I am to achieve exceptional results.

To summarise, the session itself was brutal, but a highly important lesson on how important it is to practise what you preach, and to understand just what your clients go through.

Mark even took the time out to show me slight variations of various exercises and how to make them more effective, he explained how those variations would turn a good transformation into one that would blow people away.

I can't speak highly enough of the M10 Team, the experience itself was brilliant. I will no doubt be in touch with the M10 Team in the near future again. 

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