Internship - Lucas Sheehan

My ambition is to not be a run of the mill personal trainer like so many others in the industry driven by money. I wanted to get the best start possible in my career and needed help to break the mould.

I contacted Mark Coles of M10 Fitness enquiring about internships to see if he could help me. He got back to me straight away and we arranged for me to go up. I was up early the day of the internship as i had a long drive ahead of me and was feeling quite nervous. As soon as I walked in to M10 the nerves disappeared as I was welcomed well by Mark and his team in a very relaxed atmosphere. The gym was spotless, fitted with olympic lifting platforms, prowlers and thick grip dumbbells. I could tell it was going to be a good day! We spent the day thoroughly going through everything I needed to know about, Training for Fat Loss, Nutrition for Fat Loss , being a Fat Loss Specialist and running a Fat Loss business!

I learned so much in just one day I'm still digesting it all weeks later. I left with so much great energy in knowing that what I want to be is capable and it got me very excited about the journey I am going through as I start my results own driven Fat Loss Business. I've not long been back and I have already been reaping the benefits of the day, and so have my clients!!

I would recommend this to anyone serious about Personal Training and wanting to better themselves. Run of the mill need not apply!!

Lucas Sheehan

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