Internship - Patrick Fallis

I recently travelled to see Mark for a 1 day internship at the illustrious M10 Fitness Performance facility in Newark. I was blown away at how effectively the space was used with the best equipment available for training athletes and achieving great fat loss results.

Mark provided me with some fantastic information on how to achieve remarkable fat loss results in a rapid time span.

  • This included  the very basics of program design with the LHP systems tweaks 
  • Superb information on nutrition that genuinely works (countless before and after pictures back up by some incredible biosignature modulation readings)
  • Techniques on the psychology of changing a clients lifestyle 
  • Supplementation strategies to optimise weight loss for each individual

    Great business information on how to boost revenue, run a business, generate a huge client base and most importantly how to keep people coming back for more!

Mark was very open minded and answered all of my questions no matter how silly they seemed with some very encouraging advice. Mark also gave great direction as to what to read next, what courses I should take a look at and gave me a great insight into the benefits of functional medicine. Mark also took the time to train me and show me exactly how to train clients for optimal fat loss. A gruelling experience, but well worth it!

We tend to be quite sceptical sometimes and make excuses when our clients don't get quite to where we like them to. After seeing the ins and outs of Mark's LHP System I am genuinely inspired and excited that it is actually possible to get clients to achieve their fat loss or muscle mass goal in as little as 12 weeks! Marks countless results speak for themselves! With his relentless successes don't be surprised if you see one of Marks' projects pop up near you in the very near future.

Worth every penny and I will definitely be back to learn more! "

Patrick Fallis

Leaner UK, London

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