Internship - Ricky Singh

I'm absolutely delighted with my internship, being able to spend time with someone like Mark is invaluable to a trainer like me. I always aim on giving my clients the best service possible and that in turn means I myself must train with the best trainers and learn from them.

I had been introduced to Mark through another friend and got speaking to him about his internship program. As soon as I had seen his website and his testimonials my decision was made. If I wanted to become a better trainer I had to learn from Mark, he's an amazing trainer and he can deliver his knowledge with expertise, he's got it all.

My main reason for doing his internship was that I get clients ok results but I wanted amazing results and I never knew a lot  about hormones, how to eat and strength train. Being a boxer I though the only way to train was to run huge miles everyday and eat a low calorie diet. Coming away I'm very excited with what I have learned, I'm 100% going to become a great trainer, continue to learn and invest in myself, my studies and adopt new training methods that Mark has shown me for my sport.  I intend to move up a weight class and win a gold more Silver for me which has been due to poor performance, from inadequate nutrition, losing muscle mass, dehydration and as Mark told me,  train at or as near to the weight I want to fight at.

I would also like to thank Marks team at M10, Sara and all the trainers for making me feel very welcome, as coming all the way from Scotland I was very nervous but they all made me feel at home which was brilliant.

Thank you 


Mark and Ricky at the end of the 2 day Internship

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