Jacob is at the start of his career in the fitness industry. Being part of the M10 Personal Training Membership made him  realise that in order to be an effective coach he had to put himself through the process of a body transformation in order to help his clients better.

With this in mind, he committed to a body transformation journey with his mentor - M10 coach, Joe Duffy, and together they worked towards his first physique photoshoot.

Over the course of 9 months with Coach Joe,  Jacob not only achieved this tremendous body transformation but subsequently improved his knowledge of training, nutrition, and the kind of work that is required to make a lifestyle change
m10 client JACOB transformation
Prior to the journey his training and nutrition looked like this...
“In the past I just focused on the training. This was the typical “bro” mentality of lifting heavier and not considering intensifying: the rep range, the tempo, the rest period etc. I also did not consider the amount of food I ate, although I swapped to leaner cuts of food, I still ate big portions.”

In the past Jacob was stuck with this mentality…
“Before I started this journey, I would blame my surroundings or find other excuses as to why I did not complete the tasks I set out for myself.”
m10 client JACOB transformation
There were challenging times…
“There were 2 occasions. The main one would be lockdown, what started as a 12wk plan turned out to be 9months of it and being confined in your home there were days where I just wanted to stay in bed and play video games all day. The other was the last remaining weeks before the shoot; we restricted the food to the point of where I was starting to not enjoy my meals. (And I’m a lover of food) “
Over 9 months the progress was physically AND mentality...
“I have lost 21.4kg, developed a physique that I originally thought was impossible to attain! My mindset, education, confidence and delivery of my coaching sessions has grown!
m10 client JACOB transformation
Working with M10 Coach Joe, taught Jacob this...
“The biggest thing I’ve learned from Joe is that there are things that happen in our lives that we cannot control and we shouldn’t stress over them. I want to thank Joe Duffy for not only pushing me to go beyond what I thought was my limits but being the anchor throughout this process! I'm excited for what the next chapter brings”

A few words from coach Joe…
“it was essential that I gave Jacob the knowledge and tools required to achieve his own transformation and understand the process that his clients will go through as well. When creating long term sustainable change, setting the foundations are key before going into the preparation of a photo shoot. There are 9 months between the photos but the man on the right has gone through a complete lifestyle change, both physically and psychologically.”

m10 client JACOB transformation
m10 client JACOB transformation

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