James takes part in ultra-marathons, however despite his achievements, he was still overweight and unhappy with his body shape. With his weight fluctuating over the years, and his blood pressure rising, he knew that he needed to take control of his diet and training regime to improve his overall health.

Being new to strength training, he decided to invest in a personal trainer and started working with M10 coach, Jack Haigh, with the aim of establishing some clear goals around eating and training to improve his health markers.

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James said: “After years of being behind a desk, the occasional invasion of motivation to go running and get fit, was always short lived due to a lack of structure and purpose.  I had no clear goals until last year when I decided to get fit enough to finish a 100mile trail run with around 10,000m of vertical assent.

I've Tried So Many Diets In The Past...
My weight has always fluctuated - from as high as 105kg and as low as 72kg. After years of stress and neglect, my diet was all over the place. I tried intermittent fasting and keto based diets, mainly with various degrees of success, but never really took my nutrition seriously. I would binge eat and loved a takeaway more than the next man.  If I wanted to up my game with my running and better my health, I knew I to finally get my nutrition in check.

I Lacked Structure...
I had also been running for 10 months and despite being fit enough to have completed a 110km trail run with 6000m of elevation in just over 18 and a half hours, I was still overweight.
I had never really done strength training before apart from the odd bit here or there. I decided for once I would try and take it seriously. However, I soon realised my workouts had no structure and I knew very little about strength training in general. At that point I knew if I was going to learn properly, I was going to need to invest in my education and get a trainer.

I had heard of M10 through a friend and after researching, they were clearly the best around. The fact the team at M10 train other trainers, says volumes about the standard and quality of education they are offering their clients. The quality of the kit in the gym also is the best I have personally seen.

What I've Learned At M10....
Since training at M10 my nutrition, the structure of my workouts and my understanding in general has changed significantly. Jack has been a wealth of knowledge to learn from. He really does go into depth as to why we train and eat a certain way, the muscles involved, their roles and the associated health benefits.

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He is always available to answer my questions and has really helped tailor my nutrition to my running goals in great detail, such as changing my nutrition around events and training outings. He really goes above and beyond; I am not quite sure how he puts up with me! 

My Results In Numbers...
In nine weeks I have lost 10kg, I am feeling so much healthier. I had various niggles with my knees and IT band due to going from never having run, to attempting a 100 miler after 8 months. Jack has really helped with my stretching and mobility work, he also targeted my program to strengthen certain areas, which has made a massive difference and for now I seem to be on top of them. My health markers in general have all improved, like my blood pressure which was in an unhealthy range and has improved drastically – now in a healthy range. I think the fitter I am, the healthier I feel and that has made a difference in my confidence as I can finally say I am at a healthy body fat of just under 10%.

 m10 client transformation

The most challenging part of my programme is staying disciplined and doing what Jack says to the letter, such as hitting my macros. Without it I would not have gotten the results in such a short amount of time. Oh and sled pushes they kill me!

What Makes Jack Different...
Jack has been so comprehensive whether its sleep, nutrition, form and structure. Just generally how to be healthier and have a better knowledge of training and the human body.

To anyone who wants to achieve results like I have, set yourself a goal, don’t use excuses, create a plan and be disciplined. Be as dedicated as possible - if you’re going to invest the time, why not do it to the best of your ability.

I’ve enjoyed learning how to get better every day with a better understanding of nutrition and my body. I also enjoy having a laugh with Jack during the sessions (making fun of his calves!) and have come to not only see him as a highly skilled and talented trainer but also as a friend.
The gym at M10 is an enticing place to train with a good and friendly atmosphere.”

m10 client transformation

M10 coach, Jack Haigh said "I would say James' success came from his willingness to listen and learn, as well as being meticulous in tracking the variables. We took James from approximately 15% to 7% body fat and improved his health markers along the way (blood pressure dropping from 140s to 114 throughout the process). I think we become a product of our environment and James found the environment that allowed him to thrive. I'm excited to see where we can take James in the next 6 months."

Take some time to watch the below video as James shares his story so far at M10.

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