With all the dad duties as a first time father and low activity levels of going through lockdown, James found himself letting go of his normal nutrition and fitness habits. This affected him physically and mentally. 

As a coach, James knew he desperately needed a goal, structure and accountability in his diet and training. To get back on track, James started working with M10 coach, Stan Didi.

I needed the support and accountability of a coach...
"After becoming a Dad for the first time, suffering a back injury, and going through lockdown with very low activity levels, I had let myself go and was not in a good place physically or mentally. As a coach myself I knew what I needed to do, but was lacking any accountability or structure with my training. 
I was familiar with M10 after working with Mark Coles on a number of business development courses, and given the high standards Mark sets, as well as the results I had seen from the gym,  using M10 for coaching was a no brainer!"
Getting in great shape also affected other areas of his life...
"I honestly believe this has made me a better father, as I'm now confident and my energy levels are through the roof! My daughter now has me at my best, and that is something I could not be more grateful to M10 for giving me and her." 

m10 client James Butterfield transformation
There were challenging times during the program...
"The most challenging part of my programme was the final 4 weeks leading up to my photo shoot. Gyms had closed again so I was training at home and my motivation dipped a lot. 
Stan was on hand to push me, and keep me motivated and moving towards the end goal. 
He changed my plan and adapted it for the equipment I had, and went through it all in great detail to make sure we didn't go backwards without access to a gym "

m10 client James Butterfield transformationm10 client James Butterfield transformation

Some valuable lessons and take aways...
"During my time with Stan so far, I have learned that consistency is so crucial to getting a result you can be proud of. I've also learned that  when being coached,  you need to be entirely on board with the process, and if you're not sure of anything, ASK! You will get out of coaching what you put in, and the easier you make it for your coach, the better chance they have of getting you where you want to be."

m10 client James Butterfield transformation m10 client James Butterfield transformation

A few words from Coach Stan...

“We focused on getting James to a better place mentally and physically by creating a long term vision with systems for his nutrition and training that he could be consistent with. As a result he has lost 30 pounds and is now in the perfect place from where we can work towards his next goals”

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