Jamie joined the M10 Personal Training Mentorship a little over a year ago and it was during this time he realised that “every coach should have their own coach”. As he neared the end of the Personal Training Mentorship, he knew he needed to invest in himself and hire a coach to help him take his physique to the next level.


Jamie said: “I wanted to go through my own transformation to experience the process and gain the knowledge and insight to be able to pass onto my own clients for their future success.”


Not only has Jamie lost 12kg and transformed his body guided by M10 coach, Joe Duffy, but he feels he is a completely different person to 1 year ago as he now has more self belief and confidence.

“I’ve achieved a set of results I never thought were possible”

Jamie said: "The results I’ve achieved to date have been life changing, during this transformation I have managed to lose over 12kg & get down to 8% body fat, something I never thought would be possible.

jamie arnold transformation m10 personal training

It also opened my eyes to the fact that by ruthlessly executing the basics, anything is possible!!! The knowledge I’ve obtained and belief of my own abilities as a person and as a coach, has been life changing.

“It has been an incredible journey”

Joe has been an unbelievable coach and mentor for me this past year, providing me with so much knowledge & accountability along this incredible journey. 

jamie arnold transformation m10 personal training


I’ve learnt so much during my time with Joe. The one thing that stands out for me though is just how simple & effective a programme can be to achieve a set of results like this. To think I’ve achieved this transformation mainly through home workouts and training just 3x a week, with no cardio, has amazed me.


I’m looking forward to continuing and building on this progress that I’ve made to date with Joe. I can’t wait to see what I can achieve in another 6-12 months from now.

jamie arnold transformation m10 personal training
A few words from M10 coach, Joe.....

"With Jamie having a busy lifestyle and working 2 jobs it was imperative that we made the process sustainable for him. I can’t stress enough the importance of consistency and patience when it comes to a body transformation.


With all of this in place, we were able to add in a weekly re-feed pretty much from day one and leading all the way up to his final check in day. This also helped aid his adherence throughout. A typical refeed would range anywhere between 350-500g carbs. 


It’s been great watching this guy progress over the last few months, leaving no stone unturned throughout his journey. 

Looking forward to moving on to the next phase with Jamie now." 


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