Jewade enrolled in the M10 Personal Training Mentorship programme and was assigned M10 coach, Joe Duffy, as his mentor. As personal and professional growth was of the highest importance to Jewade, it was crucial that he experienced his own physical transformation as part of the process.  The key was to take what he was learning from the Personal Training Mentorship programme and apply it immediately to his own physique. 
Jewade said: “I decided to undergo a body transformation with Joe as I wanted to understand the process I ask my clients to go through so that I can better relate to and empathise with them. Completing the mentorship opened my eyes to the fact that as a coach you have to lead the way.

My work ethic transferred over to my clients...
The biggest change for me was seeing how my work ethic was transferring over to my clients without me having to provide any extra motivation. It was as though they became more compliant because I was going through the process with them. Having Joe as a coach also allowed my knowledge to improve because I asked him questions every step of the way which were always answered.

 Jewade m10 body transformation

The most challenging part of the process was fitting the output in towards the end when it increased. Having a diary that was filling up meant I had to keep my schedule on point and planning became a big part of my success.
6 weeks in, I decided to do a photoshoot.....
A photoshoot wasn’t in the original plan but around 6 weeks in after speaking to Joe and seeing the progress I thought that I had it in me to dial down and push towards a specific end goal, which gave me more focus.

Jewade m10 body transformation 
Throughout the full 12 weeks, I lost 10kg, 7% body fat. I also learnt how important it is to keep track of a wide range of metrics that get more specific as time goes on because they paint a whole picture of your journey rather than just one aspect, specifically digestion and how it can impact what you are seeing on the scale. 

Throughout the full 12
A few words about my coach and mentor....
Joe has been an amazing coach and mentor for the best part of a year now. I have an inquisitive mind and always want to know the why behind things. Joe always made time to get back to any queries I had with an in-depth answer and his knowledge of the process made it a lot easier to understand. Couldn’t have asked for anymore.
M10 coach, Joe Duffy said: “Undergoing the process and practicing what we preach as coaches is imperative, this is why it was so important for Jewade to embark on this journey. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do with his physique over the coming months!'' 

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