In the past, Jialiang has struggled to put on weight, regardless of how much food he ate. Not only that, he has suffered from anxiety and knew that exercising and eating properly could help him overcome these issues.
He decided to come to M10 with the aim of packing on some serious muscle tissue and reaching his goal body weight of 75kg.
He said: “I was always the skinny guy who struggled to gain weight and I know that doesn’t make me happy. Not only that, I started experiencing anxiety related problems two years ago. It got to a point where I had enough and I wanted to change.”
I know working out has helped before as, a few years ago, I went to the gym regularly and it was one of the best times I’ve ever had, so I really wanted to do this again. But as someone who doesn’t have much experience in training, I told myself “If I’m doing it, I want to do it right”. That’s why I signed up for a personal trainer. Choosing M10 was a lucky choice for me, as the gym is on my way home and I pass it every day. But after I decided to sign up for a gym, I did my research online and asked around for advice. It turned out; M10 personal training is highly regarded, so I signed up.
In the past, I have eaten a lot but never gained weight. It got to a point where my friends wondered if I had tape worms - I even had it tested three times!  Saying that, the most challenging part of my programme was the eating as even though I thought I ate a lot, the amount I was having during training was way more than that.
Before starting with my personal trainer, I had tried many ways to manage my anxiety but none of them really worked, including working with a therapist.  Since joining M10 I have become much happier, I’m able to sleep well most of the time and I generally feel more energetic. Physically I’m really happy to see my body getting stronger and my arms getting thicker. Above all of that, this experience changed my understanding about training. Before I joined I thought it wasn’t possible to make a difference in a few months, but I was wrong. With the right diet and training, it is possible!

 client body transformationclient body transformation
I’ve learnt that my mind is the only thing that’s stopping me. There have been so many times when I thought that I couldn’t lift a certain amount of weight, Joe would tell me to just do it. And he has been right - most of the time!
It’s difficult to pick one thing that I’ve enjoyed the most about training at M10, but if I had to choose I’d say it’s the time I spend training with Joe. Not just because he’s there to help me lift the weight when I can’t, but he’s really passionate about personal training and helping people. As I study biology, we always found ourselves talking about nutrition, diet and other health-related topics. Overall, it’s a really eye-opening and inspiring experience. I know not everyone can afford regular personal training, but at least reach out to get some advice from professionals. It’s totally worth it.”

M10 coach, Joe Duffy commented on Jialiang's progress to date, by saying: "The goal here was to gain as much lean mass as possible and over the last 20 weeks, he has done just that.  Incrementally increasing his calories and advancing his training intensity has seen a weight increase of 15lbs whilst maintaining low levels of body fat."
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