7 months ago Jonathan was at a point where he was letting himself go and jeopardising his own health. He wanted to get into his best shape for the arrival of his new baby daughter and to lead his clients by example.

Jonathan completed the Personal Training Mentorship under the guidance of M10 Senior Mentor and Coach, Anthony Barnes and together they prepared Jonathan for a photoshoot.

m10 client Jonathan transformation

Where it all started…
"I had gotten to the point where I was embarrassed, frustrated , feeling like a fraud-expecting my client’s to follow leadership, when I wasn’t leading from the front myself , by letting myself go after finding out I was going to be a dad & before you know it the clothes didn’t fit.  I knew it couldn’t continue especially when I was going to be a dad in the near future ( Molly Has since arrived into our world). I wanted to experience first-hand what my own clients are/will go through on their own transformations & what better way to develop mentally & physically than through a pandemic showcasing that you can get awesome results with the right approach"

Achieving AND maintaing results...
I have competed in the past, but results would be short lived, leaving me to my own devices was the detriment to my own downfall leaving me with a mountain to climb as I was unsure of how to best maintain the results, everyone has lost weight at some point in their life but it’s the maintenance /patience & consistency which can be the hard parts.  

m10 client Jonathan transformation

Valueing health...
Having completed the M10 Personal Training Mentorship & Worked alongside Mark I knew I was going to be in great hands especially hooking up with my own mentor Anthony.  Anthony said at the start, that if my health markers didn’t improve their would be no photoshoot, so having the re-assurance that my well-being from all aspects was been looked after was key for me as it is something I’m big on in my own coaching philosophy"

m10 client Jonathan transformation

Results are possible with the right environment...
"I have achieved amazing results under the guidance of Anthony dropping 41lbs in the process, whilst dropping bodyfat , getting into the best shape whilst been in a pandemic was incredible to showcase that anything is possible with the right environment & team in your corner"

m10 client Jonathan transformation
Changed mindset and improved confidence...
"The change in my own mindset has been incredible as I know what can be achieved & maintained long term so I don’t revert back to hold ways with the new habits that I have built by been consistent day in & day out over the past 7 months of the transformation which were now into a building phase.

There is no point having the knowledge or information without implementing it as there is no point knowing ,when it’s the doing is what made the journey to the destination rewarding

The discipline & determination/willpower when we needed to push which helped me develop personally personally, led me to learn a lot more about myself 

The way on how I approach my own training & nutrition has massively changed & how I can relay the necessary information to my own client who may want to embark on their own transformation at the right times 

I would have been confident before in my abilities but now it has 10x my confidence in all areas of life especially family life 
There is no point having the knowledge or information without implementing it as there is no point knowing ,when it’s the doing is what made the journey to the destination rewarding"

Get comfortable being uncomfortable...
"The most challenging part been honest was juggling training, work, business, "Coaching & looking after a pregnant wife( who supported me the whole way through even whilst on 
her own incredible journey) getting the even balance is what’s key but knowing you must get comfortable with been uncomfortable by putting in the necessary steps ,work to achieve the results which I did.

m10 client Jonathan transformationm10 client Jonathan transformation

Basics win...

“I’ve learned a lot on what it takes to bring someone on a positive journey to their end destination without negatively impacting somebodies’ health. Doing the basics consistently well & having patience along the way will stand the test of time which I managed to take away. It's not the sexy stuff which help you reap the rewards it’s the simplest of habits that do. I learned what it takes to produce a physical, mental & emotional transformation whilst using the necessary tools at the right time to push & progress where possible.

m10 client Jonathan transformation

A few words from Coach Anthony...
"Jon has made a phenomenal change over this initial 6 months period. After a blood test showed some key markers were out of an ideal range, we were adamant that health was absolutely the priority in the onset and subsequently entered our priming phase. This important first phase had to be adhered to 100% to put the body into a position where it would happily change and not fight us on the way down to his final goal of a photo shoot. Jon absolutely smashed the entire process. Juggling a busy coaching business, lockdowns, and a family life (including welcoming their beautiful new-born!) is no easy feat and I’m very proud of his efforts. Environment is extremely important for success and Jon ensured his was supportive. He lost 41lbs in the process, gained masses of confidence, smashed his photo-shoot and gained experience and tools to ensure he doesn’t revert back to his starting point. After a brief recovery period we are now working on slapping on muscle tissue and strength to take him to the next level. Amazing work Jon well done."

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