Jools felt uncomfortable in his own skin and really wanted to find a way to change it. Having tried different sports and diets before, he never managed to achieve the results he wanted because he lacked persistence and consistency.

All this changed when Jools signed up for the Next Level Body Challenge under the guidance of M10 coach Richard Hill. 

m10 client Jools transformation

This was lacking before…
"Even though I have tried different sports and diets where I was able to achieve some minor results, I always lacked persistence and consistency to reach the goals I had set for myself. However, with the 8-Week challenge my mate signed me up for, this changed."

Learning about nutrition helped achieving better results...
"With the help of Rich, I was able to stick to my diet and training plan, due to weekly check-ins and changes I always felt that I was progressing. The more results I have achieved the more I learned about nutrition and my body, allowing me to have the physique I have today"


m10 client Jools transformation

The results…
With the help of Rich I was able to drop 35kg in 8 Months and achieve a body fat percentage of 9%.
However these were not the only things that changed, due to the strict nutrition and training plan my discipline and will power have improved drastically.


m10 client Jools transformation

A few words from Coach Richard...

"The Jools you see before you now, isn’t just standing with a different physique but is a completely new man. His confidence and belief in himself has skyrocketed. What was once a weakness, in consistency, has now become a strength and I for one cannot wait for what’s to come as we now push into our first building phase to grow more muscle and strive for an even better Jools in the future! This is just the beginning."

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