José joined the Next Level Body Challenge in February as he felt he needed extra accountability to get back into a training routine.

M10 coach Richard Hill was assigned to guide José through the 8 weeks. They then decided to continue working together after the challenge and for Josè to do a photoshoot at the end. 

m10 client José transformation

The value of accountability and a coach...
“Accountability played a big role for me . Knowing that I should report the work I did during the week to my coach motivated me to stay on track”

m10 client José transformation
The physical and emotional challenges of a transformation...
“Sticking with the diet for the last 3 week and push through the low levels of energy was my biggest challenge.
The last 3 weeks really challenged me physically and emotionally, I was tired most of the time and my sleep was poor. I also had a couple of episodes where I was really struggling with the process and it made me feel low in self-confidence and I thought that I was going to ruin all the hard work I’d put in. I spoke with Rich about it and he gave the advice “Don’t worry Josè, it happens. Don’t think about it now because you can leave the doubt in the past and continue pushing on. Now we stay focused in the present and work for this result” From that moment I stopped thinking about the past and started to focus on winning the day.”

m10 client José transformationm10 client José transformation

The results and the lessons…
“I dropped more than 11 kg , and despite this impressive drop of weight  I look much more muscular than before and this had a great impact on my self-confidence.
Also this experience allowed me to see things from a client's perspective and made me understand that emotive support is as important as the workout and nutrition plan. 
This challenge achieved both personal and professional growth.
No matter what your current level and for how long you have been training, I believe everybody will benefit from a coach. Coach Richard pushed me beyond my comfort zone and reached an incredible result during a hard time like the lockdown.”

m10 client José transformationm10 client José transformation
A few words by Coach Richard…
“I knew from the start that Josè had potential to get into photoshoot condition, it was just a case of showing him how to and guiding him to the point where he believed in himself and saw what he was capable of achieving. The first thing you can do to become a better coach when it comes to taking others through transformations is doing one yourself, putting yourself in the trenches and not letting down even when the going gets tough. Josè has learnt a lot from this process and I believe now he will go on and achieve better results with his own physique as well as his clients.”

 m10 client José transformationm10 client José transformation

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