During the course of 2020, and the added challenges that came with the pandemic and various lockdowns, Kalvyn had started to develop some bad habits, which started to impact his health, fitness and coaching business.

As a member of the M10 Brand Impact Mastery community, Kalvyn heard about the 8 week Next Level Body Challenge in June of 2020 and saw it as the perfect opportunity to take action, have a new focus and get in the best shape of his life.

After completing the initial 8 weeks challenge under the guidance of M10 coach, Jack Haigh, Kalvyn realised how quickly his body can change when the right strategies are implemented. He decided to continue the journey with Coach Jack and set a new photoshoot goal.

The mindset before...
"To be honest, I have never challenged myself like this before. I always believed that eventually my desired results would come with time. I didn't realise how quickly I could change and achieve if I just applied myself properly with the right guidance."

The goal & the results
 “All my life there has never been a time where I was lean enough to have visible abs. I said to Jack, that this was my goal. Over the course of 24 weeks my weight dropped from 105kg to 93kg. This was my leanest physique ever. My confidence in myself and my abilities has grown too.”

m10 client kalvyn transformation
Improved knowledged, awareness & mindset...
"My understanding of how to manipulate change within my body. I am more aware of my body's needs. My confidence in myself and my ability has grown.  With the right mindset I know I can achieve whatever I set my mind to.Accountability is a massive driver for success and challenges will only make you stronger." 

m10 client Kalvyn transformationm10 client kalvyn transformation

The most challenging part of the programme...
"Training through lockdown was the hardest part for me. Having my kids around me, all my normal responsibilities and the pressures of life and having to maintain the right mindset to get the training done, even when my body was aching and felt weak was by far the most difficult part."

m10 client kalvyn transformation m10 client Kalvyn transformation

A few words from Coach Jack...

"Working with other coaches is always a pleasure, and Kalvyn was no different. He stuck to plan and trusted the process, even when Lockdown 2 was dropped in the middle of his prep. He was able to prove to himself and to his clients that no matter how many opportune excuses fall at your feet, if you’re willing to work hard and stay consistent the result will come."

m10 client Kalvyn transformationm10 client Kalvyn transformation

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