Due to a very challenging and uncertain year, Kevin admitted that he was not very consistent with his own training and nutrition and was struggling with motivation.

Kevin decided to join the Next Level Body Challenge and initially set out to achieve 10% body fat by the end of the challenge. Guided by M10 coach, Richard Hill, he smashed his own expectations and reached 6% body fat and finished the challenge on an even higher not by doing a photoshoot.

Mentorship & accountability play a big role in achieving results
"I signed up to the programme with the aim of getting myself in the best shape of my life for an end of programme photo shoot. I had seen the results on the previous NLBC so decided to sign up. 

I also signed up to have my own personal coach who would mentor me throughout to ensure I stayed on track and who I was accountable to each week. Something I feel is a huge part of achieving results."
Kevin m10 client transformation
The most challenging part of the 8 weeks challenge was...
"Coping with low energy levels in the final few weeks of the programme was tought. I felt drained in the gym and in general but I knew I was training for physiques not performance."
m10 client kevin transformation
The results exceeded expecations...
"I set myself a goal to achieve below 10% body fat which I had never done so achieving 6% was an incredible feeling and I feel amazing for it. "
The results would not have been possible without the guidance of Coach Rich
"Rich was a huge help through the programme and adjusted my programme each week accordingly. 

The weekly check ins were a big help and served as a kind of adrenaline shot at the end of every week to take me into the following week. 

He supported and encouraged me from start to finish and I couldn’t have achieved the results I did without his mentoring."
m10 client kevin transformation

A few words from M10 coach,Richard Hill....
"A great transformation was achieved here by ruthless execution of the basics. There was nothing fancy here outside of the few days leading up to the shoot, just hard work and dedication from Kevin, who didn’t go a foot out of place for the whole 8 weeks. A wise man once said, If you want something bad enough then you’ll find a way, and this is exactly what Kevin has done here."

m10 client kevin transformation 

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