Kieron Meakin - 7% fat loss and 17lbs lean mass gain in 4 and a half weeks

I approached M10 with a shoulder injury and I wanted to train hard, become injury free and build some lean muscle mass. I soon found out that my diet was wrong and I had significant imbalances in muscles, particularly in my legs and shoulders.


The first 2 weeks were tough with the diet, however seeing the rapid results kept me motivated. The training is always hard but Luke has been fantastic at keeping me motivated both in and out of my sessions. Having workouts that make you feel physically sick, somehow keep me coming back for more!!! I find the sessions are well structured, with the right balance of remedial work for my shoulder, strength training and conditioning. I think the knowledge of all the guys is exceptional and the right advice is always given.


Using the M10 systems within 4 and a half weeks I had achieved results that I had never been able to reach on my own.

Kierons results in 4 and a half weeks.

Drop of 7% body fat

17 pounds of lean muscle mass gained

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