Konrad is an M10 gym member but whilst the gym was closed, he decided to join the 8 week Next Level Body challenge in February as he was looking for extra accountability to not let his fitness and health slip during lockdown.

Konrad, who is a final year student in University and suffers from type 1 diabetes, coeliac disease, hypothyroidism, was assigned M10 coach, Stan Didi, to guide him through the challenge. 

m10 client Konrad transformation

The challenge helped with motivation and accountability...
“I decided to sign up for the challenge as I was getting into a routine of getting up, eating, and just doing uni work. The exercise was no longer part of my daily routine. I used the challenge as a way to keep me motivated to exercise during the lockdown and to keep my health a priority as well as my studies.I knew this challenge would be a great way to keep me focused and use the coaches to hold me accountable."
I had a minor goal, which was to not let my fitness and health slip under lockdown. I can say that I definitely succeeded with it”

m10 client Konrad transformation

Creating healthy habits and being consistent with these habits leads to self gratification…
“One thing that remains a challenge throughout the 8 weeks is consistency. Getting rid of some bad habits at the start and preventing yourself from falling back into them. The days when you most want a cheat meal are the days you prove to yourself to keep it up. Once complete, you receive a lot of self-gratification!”

Trust your coach, trust the process and results will follow...
“I’ve been training at M10 for a couple of years, so I already knew my coach Stan before this process. We’ve built up a good rapport which meant communication was clear and easy. I simply told myself to trust in the coach and results will appear, and that’s exactly what happened."

m10 client Konrad transformation

Having health conditions did not stand in the way of results...
“Stan knew I had a few health conditions (type 1 diabetes, coeliac disease, hypothyroidism) and made sure to check and cater the program accordingly. Not only did he cater for medical conditions, but also for my university studies, as I’m in the final year of my degree, so work was also intense. Stan was a great coach throughout and has helped me achieve some amazing results!”

A few words from coach Stan...
Konrad is a regular member of the M10 gym in Nottingham for years. With the lockdowns and lack of equipment at home, he lost a little bit of his motivation with training. He was getting closer to his final exams in his last year of University and he knew that structure and focus will help him go through this period and with gyms opening soon it was a great time to get back on track. Konrad has specific health conditions like type 1 diabetes, coeliac disease, hypothyroidism so we were closely managing them and we’ve been in touch almost on a daily basis to be sure he felt well and didn’t have any side effects from dieting.
Konrad stepped up, he challenged himself and in the end, he achieved an amazing result. Well done."

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