Leroy is a personal trainer and he signed up to our 8 week Next Level Body Challenge last October 2020 to not only learn more about our training and nutrition systems for successful body transformations, but to also personally experience what it really takes to take his body to the next level. 

M10 coach Jewade Graham guided Leroy successfully through the challenge and they continued to work together online after the challenge ended.

Over the course of 17 weeks, Leroy lost 11kg and 13cm from his waist.

m10 client Leroy transformation
Gaining knowledge and experience was part of it all...
“I have followed M10 for a long time and even did the M10 Coaching General Population seminar in London. When I saw the 8 week challenge I decided to take part to see and learn how M10 does their challenge and programme workouts and guide clients with their nutrition"
Leroy m10 client transformation
Dieting in the final stages are tough but lead to a change in mindset...
“Eating so little food was tough but it the process had changed my mindset about food intake. I Never thought you can go so low in the food intake. It also showed me how far you can push yourself and the results which comes from that"

m10 client leroy transformation
A few words from Coach Jewade…
Leroy initially started working with me during the 8 week challenge but we realised fairly early on that the 8 weeks was only the beginning for him and he wanted to see where he could take his physique. We worked together for a total of 17 weeks, through a birthday and Christmas. Needing to navigate achieving the best result possible, around weekend family time with the children, running a business and attending university, meant manipulation of food intake during the week. In total Leroy lost 11kg throughout the process and achieved a result he was proud of. It was a pleasure working with him.

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