Driven by a lack of confidence in his own physique and the fear of one day regretting not going through a transformation himself, Luke started working with M10 coach Stan Didi.

The motivation…
“Transforming my body and going through the physical, mental, and emotional process has been something I have always wanted to experience, I genuinely thought it would pass me by and it would be something I always regretted not doing both personally and professionally as a coach myself.
A big reason for wanting to do this was in some way driven by a lack of confidence in my own body and I knew committing to this journey would have a profound impact on my own confidence if I went through with it to the end.”
m10 client Luke transformation
A coach who knows how to inspire and motivate makes the difference... 
“It was an incredibly challenging and testing experience especially being my first so having the right person in my corner was essential.Stan knows what he is doing, he has walked the walk, he knows exactly what you are going through and exactly how to keep you inspired and pushing. Stan has this uncanny ability to know what to say and when to say it, when to push and when to pull. There were times I needed a metaphorical cuddle to be told I was doing good and then there were times I needed my assed kick. Stan is very good and knows when to do both.”
m10 client Luke transformation
The challenges…
“The most challenging part of the programme was dealing with my own internal chatter when the going got tough, gyms being closed for almost all of the transformation, staying disciplined and managing my own business and training with my energy levels at rock bottom especially towards the end.”
m10 client Luke transformation
The results…
“I lost a total of 12.4 Kilograms in 12 weeks but I gained so much from the experience. Having never been through this process before, nothing will prepare you for how you are going to feel but equally the personal growth is immense. I have learned that extraordinary things happen with an extraordinary vision. That if you want something the only thing standing in your way is you. That when you’re ready you will know! And that having the right person in your corner who cares, fighting for you every step of the way is crucial.”
m10 client Luke transformation
Coach Stan says…
“Luke is a personal trainer himself but actually never went through his own body transformation and never pushed himself to the next level of physical and mental challenge. And that was the reason why he got in touch with me. He wanted to learn about the process of body transformation to help his clients achieve better results but mainly understand himself what it takes.
He got himself to the shape that he didn’t believe he was able to achieve. He had his ups and downs but he didn’t give up and wanted to prove himself that he can do it. And he did ! He didn’t transform just his body but mainly mindset. Now as a coach he is so much more confident in himself and definitely it will have a huge impact on his coaching. Well done, Luke!”

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