As a dedicated personal trainer, Luke has committed the best part of this year to furthering his skills as a coach, by being part of the M10 Personal Training Mentorship. 

Luke regularly trains and keeps himself in good shape but he has always wanted to take his own physique to the next level and do a photoshoot. He felt that he was lacking accountability and guidance in some areas of his training and nutrition in order to achieve greater changes to his physique, so he decided to hire a coach.

Over the last 8 weeks, and under the guidance of M10 coach, Anthony Barnes, Luke has lost 9kg, and he has also learned a lot from Anthony, which he now applies to his own clients.

Luke said: “I believe my adherence has improved the most due to the accountability from  the tracking methods and check ins utilised. Highlights of my week were the check ins as I learnt something on every call we had. This has helped both me and my clients also.”

m10 client Luke transformation
I didn’t feel like I was on a strict and restrictive diet...
“4 out of the 8 weekends Anthony and I were on courses together. Being able to discuss and allow for some flexibility on the weekends nutrition helped a lot to feel like I wasn’t on a super strict and restrictive diet. “

A great stepping stone for the next stage...
“This transformation took me 8 weeks going from 93.7KG to 84.7KG. This is part of my priming phase for the next stage of my transformation. We were so pleased with the look that we thought it would be a good idea to get some shots done to compare to next year. I have learnt a great deal during this coaching phase mainly adhering due to all the tracking systems he has in place. I can’t wait to see where I am after the next phase.”

m10 client Luke transformation
The most challenging part…
“The most challenging part was changing my training routine. I had typically worked with a specific training style that was a little different to what Anthony had in store. I had full faith and trust in him though and the photos are proof of it working. Having been on some courses recently I had a better understanding of what was required from a training standpoint so it worked well.”

A few words from Coach Anthony…
“I knew right away the potential that Luke had and with some guidance and accountability we would see a fantastic change within his body shape. With adherence being spot on through the week we knew we could allow a slightly more flexible approach on a weekend whilst away on courses to keep consistency and to make the diet overly restrictive. 

Our approach to training was simple and effective ensuring that we hit muscle groups multiple times each week utilising multiple rep ranges which was slightly different to the approach Luke had used in the past. It’s always a pleasure to coach a coach and help them walk the walk. Fantastic work from Luke here, we’re looking forward to growing into the next 12 months.”

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